Monday, August 29

things I HATE Mondays....... but also Frogs and Kissing!

with my impending new schedule, I'm debating on making this a new segment.. we'll see how it goes. I'm not sure how I feel about it exactly, as it tends to be more negative and I'm trying to work on NOT being so negative.

We'll see.

I'm not feeling today, so for now... I'm going with it.


Headaches - I really hate headaches.. and I HATE that I get them 2-3 times a week. I'm so very sick of feeling sick and not feeling like doing anything cuz I have another headache. I hate that I have to take pills and I REALLY hate that the pills don't seem to do a damn thing to help my headaches. I hate that I've just probably taken too many pills over the years to render them ineffective. I hate that my headaches make me a grouchy, bitchy, overall nasty person to be around and generally last for an entire day.

Being an Adult - seriously... why were we all so eager to grow up? What good comes from growing up? You have TONS of responsibility and it seems like every good thing is kicked in the ass by the 10 negative things that happen to you. I remember days as a kid.. painting, drawing, playing with my friends... and being perfectly content with no worries. As an adult, I can't ever seem to fully enjoy something cuz there always seems to be something in the back of my mind... like a good day out and then I think about how the money we spent will affect our next week.

and while I'm on that avenue............

Living Paycheck to Paycheck - that really blows and anyone who tries to sell you on it is either delusional of their situation or on drugs. For reals. I know it's all about appreciate what you have and all that jazz but when you are constantly worried about how you're going to be able to afford food... it pretty much takes all the YAY out of it.

wow.. this really is depressing... just writing it all out made me think about what I was writing and how sad it made me. Definitely not what I want this blog to be about. At least not all the time... not even enough for a weekly segment.

SO ..... how about some things I LOVE to balance it out?!

FROGS! - I effing LOVE frogs... so much so that I have a frog tattoo on my ankle. I got it a few yeas ago with my sister and I love it just as the day I got it. Frogs are just so CUTE... so HOPPITY... and that is the name of my frog.. Sir Hoppity. He's just an average Pacific Northwest Tree Frog that we found outside our old apartment one day and decided to adopt and I LOVE him! I love watching him eat crickets... and I LOVE when he puffs out his neck and croaks... I love that he's a funky copper color and not a traditional green frog.

a good kiss - you know the one .. that perfect kiss when you're not feeling good and your SO (significant other for those not familiar with the term) gives you a sweet light kiss on the cheek. The passionate light lipped kiss that signals you're in the mood... which turns into more passionate deep kissing. Kissing can just signify so many different things and moods. There are so many different types of kisses than can mean something completely private between two people and it's different for everyone.

well I think my positives FAR outweigh the negatives ........ and so I consider this a success for optimism.

ALSO .. I have less than a week left at my current job before I'm back in the school life. I'm SO psyched...... mostly cuz I won't be sitting on my butt all day continuing to gain weight. I'll be up and about..... moving around.. walking, running even!

There are ton of other benefits as well... but that is the one in the forefront of my brain right now.

OH... and I just realized the little funny in the title.. frogs and kissing.... and I can't help but end this post with...

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  1. Love, your "hates" are my hates. UGH! I totally validate you!

    Can't say the same about the SO stuff, been (happily) single for 2 years now. But growing up sucks donkey dick.

  2. haha... thanks for the validation. Sometimes the SO stuff is on the hate side of the scale.. haha.. so I totally understand!

  3. I agree with the hates too. I moved back into my childhood house because of not wanting to live paycheck to paycheck anymore and I find myself thinking about the past a lot these days.
    We used to have frogs as part of our "menagerie". They were pretty cool, but I couldn't do much with them.