Thursday, February 21

it's NOT Friday yet

for once, I’m grateful it’s NOT Friday.. and that’s because I’m on reading break. Friday means it’s almost over... and I’m not ready for it to be over.
I was laying in bed this morning, enjoying the serenity of quiet and wonderfulness... realizing that next week I’d be back to getting up at 5am and spending 5 hours a day on transit... dealing with labs, lab reports, homework and exams.

I love it, and I hate it. I think that’s the general mantra of all students.

Yesterday I went on a tour of an analytical lab that I could potentially work at.. it’s energizing, people... the work I could be doing... I’m SO excited.. like for reals excited. Like a job where I could actually ENJOY going to work every day. I’m sure this is what people are supposed to feel like when they go to college. This is what the world is supposed to be like.

and yet.... I still can’t help but wonder if I’m going to be able to “have it all” .. I won’t graduate for 2 more years.... by then I’ll be 34 (going on 35)... and I want to have babies.. and work.. and maybe get my masters...


Is there time for all this?

Plus.. what if my grades aren’t good enough to get me a job..? The company talked about how good vs great grades aren’t that big of a deal, but bad grades matter. I had ONE bad term where I only got 50% on two of my classes and then failed a class.... what if that one term makes the difference of job vs not... and then what am I supposed to do? What good is a degree if you can’t get hired?

Why can’t I ever stop worrying and stressing about things that could/might happen in the future?

Why can’t I ever stop worrying and stressing in general?

I write this as I put off working on my essay assignment that is worth 10% of my grade.


Thursday, February 7

adventures in lab

so I guess you're wondering what I've been up to lately?


well.. I’m going to tell you anyway.

this is ALL I was doing.. I swear.

ok no... I’ve actually been BUSY! My 2nd term started at school... and I’m taking 3 chemistry courses.. all chem electives.. as well as a laboratory course. The lab is probably the most work because there are 2 labs every week (for four hours each) and the lab reports are due one week later. So my weekends have been spent doing my labs.. and that’s basically it. I did take SOME time off to hang with friends and watch the Superbowl... (I must admit even though I hate Beyonce, she rocked the show).. and do SOME fun stuff with friends. I think life needs a balance.. so I’m trying really hard to not feel guilty about not doing hw to be social... it’s a work in progress.

So anyhow... I’ve been busy busy... but it feels SO good to be back in classes again. I really did miss it last term when I was off.

I didn’t miss studying though... lol. Which is what I’m supposed to be doing right now.. I have my first midterm in spectroscopy and I should be writing summary sheets... but instead I’m doing this. (I needed a break)
(I didn’t really need a break, but I wanted one)

OH... so you’re probably wondering about the name change of my blog. (or not, but again.. I’m going to tell you anyway)

I just haven’t been super inspired to write a lot in this blog.. mostly because I don’t have time.. and I also don’t have the energy. So I thought maybe a revamp of my blog might re-inspire me to write. So much fun stuff happens in my chem labs that I thought I’d share it with you guys...

I PROMISE it’s not going to be all about science.... cuz that would be really boring... I’m not quite sure what it’s going to be about yet.. but we’ll see.

For example.. I did a lab this week where I had to determine the Manganese concentration in an unknown sample by radioactive decay... so we irradiated the sample, and then measured it on an instrument. Sounds awesome, right? Turns out... the irradiation takes 83 minutes.. and the sample analysis takes 70 minutes! Wanna know what I did while all this was going on?

why do some cards bounce really slow with a black side??? It's one of the great mysteries of life, IMO

oh yeah.. and just before you get jealous of my awesome life... I also played

how do you ALWAYS get the high score when you play this?


you know you’re jealous now.. I can feel it. Plus I’m sure you’re all lining up in droves to handle radioactive material. Right? Totally.

So you guys.. I should get back to my homework... and I really hope you guys enjoy this new adventure!