Monday, January 16

cuz mondays are assholes.....

I’m going to list other things that are assholes lately..

1.       The transfer department at my university – what it basically comes down to is even though I have enough credits to be a year ahead of where I am… they won’t allow me to be.. and so I’m now having to take fluff classes this term just to keep my enrollment as full time….

2.       People who talk on their phones in the washroom – wtf people… seriously? Who does this? Apparently some people or I wouldn’t be making a big deal of it. I just don’t get why people would want others to know they were in the washroom while they were on the phone, and you can’t avoid if I’m peeing in the FUCKING STALL NEXT TO YOU!

3.       Money – it is just always an asshole… there never seems to be enough money… and did you know that fucking food is expensive? I feel like I spend most of my money on food…. Maybe I should just tell everyone in my house to stop eating.. but I have a feeling that goes against some kind of laws.. and so therefore… money is an asshole.

4.       Punkass University Kids – you know the type… right out of high school going to university on mom and daddy’s dime … full sense of privileged and doesn’t give a flying fuck about school…. My philosophy class is riddled with these fuckers… they are like fucking parasites, I’m telling you…. All talking like they fucking KNOW something of the world… when in reality … they know about as much of the world as my cat. Correction.. my cat traveled with me… you hear that assholes? You’re not as well traveled as my cat? Oooooh.. sick burn.

I was going to come up with another one, but my brain is kind of being an asshole.


(if you don’t know what that is in reference to… you’re not cool enough to be reading my blog)

I’d like to be more snarky, but I’m actually in a kind of a good mood today…. Wanna know why?

OK.. I’ll tell you!

1.       It SNOWED! Who doesn’t love snow? Over the weekend we had a snowball fight with the kids … and then today at school my study mates and I ended up throwing snowballs at each other. It was cool until my bad aim got the better of me and I accidentally beaned some chick in the head with a rogue snowball.

2.       Because of the asshole transfer department and my fluff classes I’m actually having a really low key term… which after the clusterfuck from last term.. it’s a welcome change.

3.       We got a new ferret in the household…. Now our older ferret has a playmate and the kidlet has a pet, which he has wanted for months now. Plus the little guy is sickeningly adorable… so that just makes it all the much easier to fall in love with.

4.       The household is clean and organized for the first time in months… and it really helps my brain and mentality not want to go into massive psychosis of insanity. This is a good thing.

So there you have it folks.. my lame and entirely random update. If you cared. Which I hope you do. Cuz that would be rad. Cuz I just love you all. No really, I do. Cuz I’m rad.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous time.. and if not.. well…. Here’s hoping it gets better!

Hugs and smooshes!