Thursday, August 23

the past is behind us...

and you can tell by the size of my ass.

seriously.. it's going to have its own gravity field soon....

so I was looking back through some of my old pictures (thanks Travis for the excessive "likes") .. and remembering old times. Good times, bad times, old friends, lost friends. I can't even count how many different hair colours I've had .. and it's only been 5 years!

What's also been different.. is my weight.. up and down and up and down.. but progressively up since I started on fb. This doesn't make me happy. I need to get off my fucking ass (no I don't pardon my french) .. and do something about it. I'm not necessarily unhappy in my weight.. but I'm not exactly happy either. Thing is... at this moment.. i have a bag of chips, a package of Aero bites and Campino yogurt gummies.. (though I'm sure the yogurt is only there to make people think it's healthier than it actually is).

I can't help myself .. i love my sweets!

I need to find a balance of eating junk, and exercising... without any money. Is that possible?

need some help here people.. what can I do at home... should I do lunges? sit-ups?

hmmmmmmmmmmm.. I need a plan.

any advice or suggestions would be helpful!

Wednesday, August 22

what to do, what to do....

I blogged about my good and bad news a couple weeks ago ... and now, with only a week and a half left until school starts... I really need to seriously think about what I'm going to do.

As of yet, the bf has no serious job prospects ... and I have a few. I have one that I'd REALLY like to do ... which I did a couple years ago... working at a photo lab that does school photo's. It's temporary... I only work from Sept until Dec... I can wear jeans n stuff to work... AND I can work as many hours as I'd like.. which means for those three months I can make some good money. This will work out in a few ways... because not only will we be able to afford to live .... I might also be able to save up some $$ for school... which is always helpful.

The downside is .. of course.. that I'll be taking a semester off school... which puts of my graduation date even further.... I feel like I've been going to school FOREVER.. and I've been putting off having a baby until I'm done with school but if I keep putting off school... I'm NEVER going to have a baby.

I'm feeling really depressed and frustrated... and I don't know what to do... with my commute it's basically impossible to work and take a class or two .. and is that really helpful anyway.. it's still delaying the goal.

I'd really love some advice.... thoughts... jokes... anything at this point.

thanks all... xoxo

Monday, August 20

fuzzies and fun....

Ferret Picnic 2012, a set on Flickr.

so what did you all do this weekend? Obviously from above you can see I went to a ferret picnic!  It's the first one I've ever been to and it was SO much fun... being able to watch the ferrets run around with other ferrets and laugh at their shenanigans. It's nice as well, to be able to meet other ferret owners ... cuz I'd really like to be able to get together with other fuzzie people and get our ferrets socialized. Our oldest ferret Flower (the white with black tail) had some issues with a couple of the other ferrets there... and was a bit of a bully. We had to put her in a time out in her cage... though when we let her out the second time, she was much better.

What else did we do? Laundry.... uhm.... and well... that's it. Sadly we don't have any money right now cuz of the bf being unemployed... so life is rather boring in our house right now.

Hope all of you had a great weekend!

Friday, August 17

where has the time gone?

it's Friday of my first week off and I can't believe the week has gone by so fast .... I guess it doesn't help when you spend two entire days in bed watching shows on Netflix. 

We did get lots of stuff done this week... groceries, house, and other such stuff.

At the same time .. a lot didn't get done. There is a lot in the house that is still needing to be done... but I fully admit that I didn't do it either. 

One amazing thing that did happen this week.... I got my grades back for the Ochem II case you didn't see on twitter.. I got a B-

That means I ended up with an A- in Ochem I and a B- in Ochem II.... I'm VERY happy with how well I did ... my grades reflected the effort that I put into the courses. It makes me feel really good.

I think in science courses.... a person has to have somewhat of a natural talent for the material ..and has to put in a decent amount of effort.... because if one of the other is lacking, you won't do well. If you don't have a natural talent for science, it doesn't matter how hard you study.. you're not going to get it. As well, even if you have tons of talent, if you don't study.. your grades aren't going to reflect it. 

I have both.... thank goodness... and it means I'm on the right track for life. No matter how many times I get de-railed. 

xoxo all and hope you have a good weekend!

Monday, August 13

dancing around the room like a fool

My summer term is FINALLY over! Now I can stop driving you all crazy with random tweets about organic chemistry and the excessive amount of negative energy I put out there before and after every midterm. I have massive self doubt, and even when I'm sure I know the material and have done a good job, I still don't believe I got a good grade. Part of it is because of my test anxiety, as I've NEVER scored well on tests before. 

This term I don't expect to get the A- that I achieved for the first term, but I'm happy as long as I pass. Which I'm almost certain that I did. (did you catch that almost, there's my self doubt)

On the heels of my great news, comes some sad news too. The bf has lost his job. Since he was the sole supporter of the family while I was in school, I don't know that I'll be able to attend full time classes this fall unless he finds a new job. Therefore, I've taken some precautionary measures. I've emailed regarding deferring for a year (or a term), contacted my old job and talked to my dad about possibly helping us out financially so we don't have to worry about paying rent. My hopes are that he finds a job and I can continue this fall with my goal of finishing school. If not, though, it's not the end of the world. I've gone back 2 times now and it's not something I'm unfamiliar with. Starting over, that is. I'm determined enough to get my degree that nothing shy of an apocalypse will stop me from walking down that stage in a cap and gown. 

If you could, my friends and readers, please send me all your well wishes. We could really use them about now.

*hugs and kisses*

(oh, and I switched to Disqus for my commenting system as it has a great platform for commenting and I love  that it's connected so you can see all the updates from other comments you make. I hope you'll love it as much as I do)

Monday, August 6

caption it!

I was going through my computer trying to organize stuff .... cuz I was THAT bored today.... and I realized I still hadn't uploaded the pics from our zoo trip... and I came across a couple photo's that are just begging to be captioned by my funny readers...



and some other fun pics that could be worthy of captioning also...







so bring it on, people.. and don't afraid to be crude.. you know I love a dirty whore mouth.
give it your best shot... I'm broke so I can't offer prizes for the best caption, but I can offer bragging rights and possibly some kind of goofy photo imitating that caption.. that's worth it, right?

and yes.. I'm willing to embarrass myself for this.. so give me your best shot.