Thursday, August 23

the past is behind us...

and you can tell by the size of my ass.

seriously.. it's going to have its own gravity field soon....

so I was looking back through some of my old pictures (thanks Travis for the excessive "likes") .. and remembering old times. Good times, bad times, old friends, lost friends. I can't even count how many different hair colours I've had .. and it's only been 5 years!

What's also been different.. is my weight.. up and down and up and down.. but progressively up since I started on fb. This doesn't make me happy. I need to get off my fucking ass (no I don't pardon my french) .. and do something about it. I'm not necessarily unhappy in my weight.. but I'm not exactly happy either. Thing is... at this moment.. i have a bag of chips, a package of Aero bites and Campino yogurt gummies.. (though I'm sure the yogurt is only there to make people think it's healthier than it actually is).

I can't help myself .. i love my sweets!

I need to find a balance of eating junk, and exercising... without any money. Is that possible?

need some help here people.. what can I do at home... should I do lunges? sit-ups?

hmmmmmmmmmmm.. I need a plan.

any advice or suggestions would be helpful!


  1. Just the exercise. You can walk or run for free as long as you have shoes. I work out on a cheap elliptical I have at my house for 45 mins to and hours 5-6 days a week-I have lost 37 lbs in the last year...and I still eat all the Oreos I want.

  2. Walk, walk, walk. It's totally underrated but so good for you! Aside from that, I recommend Pilates... you can do it at home. Your local video store (or netflix if you have an account) should have some DVDs. The great thing about it is that it's about quality instead of quantity, which I am all for.

    I also did step aerobics for a little while once... but honestly, I prefer a good brisk walk outside for cardio.

  3. thanks... I will definitely walk more!

  4. Running. I go from not being able to afford a gym membership to not wanting to pay for it. My solution is weights, exercise television, boxing, and running. And after I am done with all that, I eat an entire bag of chips. :)

  5. Cardio cardio cardio. Walking is easier on the joints and speed walking burns almost as many calories as jogging. Vary your pace. Short spurts (giggle) of rapid walking between longer periods of fast pace works best. Lunges, squats, crunches, and other toning 3 days a week! :)