Friday, August 17

where has the time gone?

it's Friday of my first week off and I can't believe the week has gone by so fast .... I guess it doesn't help when you spend two entire days in bed watching shows on Netflix. 

We did get lots of stuff done this week... groceries, house, and other such stuff.

At the same time .. a lot didn't get done. There is a lot in the house that is still needing to be done... but I fully admit that I didn't do it either. 

One amazing thing that did happen this week.... I got my grades back for the Ochem II case you didn't see on twitter.. I got a B-

That means I ended up with an A- in Ochem I and a B- in Ochem II.... I'm VERY happy with how well I did ... my grades reflected the effort that I put into the courses. It makes me feel really good.

I think in science courses.... a person has to have somewhat of a natural talent for the material ..and has to put in a decent amount of effort.... because if one of the other is lacking, you won't do well. If you don't have a natural talent for science, it doesn't matter how hard you study.. you're not going to get it. As well, even if you have tons of talent, if you don't study.. your grades aren't going to reflect it. 

I have both.... thank goodness... and it means I'm on the right track for life. No matter how many times I get de-railed. 

xoxo all and hope you have a good weekend!


  1. You definitely kicked ass on your grades - because I totally would have gotten distracted before the tests with the netflix....

  2. oh believe me, I did... I spent the last two days before the final watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix... lol