Tuesday, April 16

teeny tiny update

why is it that every time I write the phrase, "teeny tiny" I think of this song?

BEWARE - this song is NSFW!!!

Anyhow, now that's over. Update on me! I'm done with classes now and I have 1 more final (on the 24th) and I'm DONE for the semester. I'm always a little conflicted at the end of a term. As much as being in school is hard and frustrating and time consuming, I love it too. I love the atmosphere of learning and thinking. I love being presented with new ideas and concepts. Basically I just love using my brain.

(yes, confirming again I really am a nerd)

Regardless, it's almost over and since they don't offer any chemistry classes in the summer, I'm stuck with the task of finding something to do with my summer. Likely something that makes me $$ so I can afford to eat.

(always a plus)

thankfully, I have already lined up one summer job with a company called Mad Science where I am an instructor doing after school programs for elementary kids. This is great in two ways because it's a job where I get paid and also it will help me discover whether I want to be a teacher or not (hopefully). PLUS the hours count towards my mandatory required hours I need for the teaching program if I choose to do it.


now I just have to find a couple more summer opportunities to fill out my days and make enough $$ to live off of and I'm settled until September. Though I'm not going to worry about it too much until after my final next week. Speaking of, I should be studying for that right now, instead I'm writing a blog post. Prioritizing, ftw.

Well, I guess that's really all I needed to update ya'll about. Until next time!