Saturday, August 27

I'm a failure at this blog.. and apparently in my dreams

so I forgot two weeks in a row now about Thursday Tunes.. and yesterday I had such a bad migraine that I couldn't even fathom doing my Things I Love Fridays blog.. my poor readers (all 9 of them) are sure disappointed, I'm sure. They are probably reading this in disgust thinking, well how is she going to make it up to us. How?

I'm not, cuz I'm an asshole like that.

Though I might have to scrap those regimented blog topics when I go back to school cuz of course Thursday and Friday are two of the 3 days that I'm at school til 5pm and I won't get home til almost 8pm. After relaxing and homework, this blog is probably going to take a back seat. Maybe I'll have to change it to Tuesday Tunes and Things I Hate Mondays... I kind of like that better, actually.

Last night I had a very strange dream.. it's still fresh in my mind, so I'm going to recount it. Mostly for me, but all you out there in blogland are going to benefit as well from my retelling. I'm not sure how, exactly, but I'm sure there will be some useful dream knowledge in there somewhere.

I remember there was a giant alien octopus and everyone was running and hiding. Not sure exactly why as if you just went far enough inland, you'd probably be safe. It wasn't the case in the dream, I guess.. so the world was panicking.
For some reason, we discovered that if I downloaded movies it would help. Maybe piracy was like a virus for octopuses (or is it octupii.. octopuses just sounded wrong). I couldn't seem to dl the movies that were helping though, and so the octopus got stronger.
Then he died somehow, and everything was ok.
I ended up in math class at college and we were sitting on a ledge with these metals around our necks. The teacher introduced us to past graduates of the college that were from our high school. They took our metals away and we were told if we passed this math test that we could have them back. Talk about nerve wracking! The teacher then took a drawing of a container of water and turned it into a demonstration. There was a long rectangular container of water with an orange paper over top and then some water on top of that. She then took that paper and put it on another rectangular container. Added more water and then moved it again and again. In the end we had to determine how much water had been transferred and how much had there been originally. We had no dimensions or any way to determine any real quantified data.

Then I woke up... I felt incredibly inadequate and depressed with a haze from the fact that I had a migraine last night. I remember bits and pieces of yesterday but everything has that dream quality to it where I'm still trying to figure out what was part of the dream and what actually happened.

I do know that I did manage to get my student ID and my bus pass... as well as pay my tuition. I got the first look at some of the buildings I'll be visiting on a regular basis.

Only a week and a half left!

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