Tuesday, August 9

sticking sharp objects in my brain

so I'm sitting at work bored to tears (as usual) and thankfully brought a book to read. It's "The Snowman" by Jo Nesbo who is apparently "The Next Stieg Larsson" according to The Independant. It's not bad so far.. starting off a bit slow but I've heard good things so I'm going to stick it out.

I don't know if any of you out in the blogsphere enjoy reading and if so you should check out library thing.. it's a great website to organize your book collection. You can put reviews, tags, recommendations, etc. They also have monthy early reviewers draws where you can request copies of books before they hit the shelves to review. It's heaven for a book whore like me.. I have about 150 in my personal collection and another 100 or so of my mums that I inherited. I love books.. for some reason I hate the library, I don't know why. Whenever I get a book from the library I never end up finishing it by the time I'm supposed to return it or even by the time the renewal is up. There's something about library books that just give me the erks. What I really want is a Kindle eBook reader.. then I can have thousands of books at my disposal at any given time. Though knowing me that might almost make it worse cuz I'll get so excited at all the new books I could be reading and I'll end up reading bits and pieces of them and never fully committing to one book.
Anyhow.. if you're on librarything, check me out and feel free to add me.. cuz I'm all rad n stuff... which I guess you know cuz you're reading my blog.

I guess you're probably wondering about my blog title... or maybe you just think I'm cray cray (the new "hip" term for crazy). Well I'm waiting on my laptop to be delivered from UPS after being in repair for 2 weeks! I know it is stupid to miss something like a laptop but I do! I miss my lovely 17" HD screen full keyboard laptop with the Beats Audio. So it's scheduled for delivery today but unfortunately I'm not home to receive it.. I'm at work! It could come any time until 7pm and I'm on pins and needles at work waiting to find out if I'm going to make it home before they deliver it or if I have to wait til tomorrow to have it re-delivered but to my work so that I can sign for it.
The easy solution would have been to just have it delivered to my work address in the first place and had I been dealing with normal human beings through HP customer service, you'd be correct. However the people at HP customer service lack so much common sense and intelligence that it took 4 phone calls for them to have my name spelled correctly on the service order. I really hate dealing with call centers as they aren't at the service center and aren't able to show the most update information. For example I had shipped my laptop 2 weeks ago and the tracking on UPS showed it received but it took 3 phone calls for them to understand that my laptop was actually THERE waiting to be repaired. The 1st guy had NO clue what I was talking about and ended up cutting me off and the 2nd guy thought I needed a box to ship my laptop and so they sent me a box. Check out this video for example of what I've been dealing with..

Another reason I'm sticking sharp objects in my brain is that I'm trying to deal with getting all registered for school and NO ONE seems willing to help me. I've emailed a dozen or so people and I just keep getting redirected to someone else. Now I'm going to have to take a day off work just so I can head downtown to the campus and actually talk to these twatwaffles directly and sort out my schedule before class gets started so I'm actually registered in a class.

My emotions are on a roller coaster right now as the anniversary of my mums death is coming up and I don't know how to deal with the fact that it's been a year since she's passed. I'm still breaking down in complete hysterics at random whenever I think of her and I feel like I should talk to someone but I don't know if it'll help or not.


there is a reason I sometimes feel like sticking sharp objects in my brain.


  1. That's tough doll. I'm sorry you're having a shit-ass time right now. BAH! I hear you. I actually had a good day today for once - until I got home and learned that a loved one had died. Sometimes it just feels like life won't cut us a break, eh?

  2. I'm not going to say I'm sorry for your loss, cuz when people said that to me after awhile I started to feel stabby... but I will say that you're in my thoughts.. :)

    and no.. it seems life does not want to cut me a break.

    but hey.. to quote my mum, "everything will always work out and if it doesn't there is always tequila"

  3. Have you ever seen The IT Crowd? It's a British comedy about people in IT - from the other side of things and their frustration with computer ignorant people. Then there was Outsourced about a call center in India (but they cancelled that show after 1 season). I understand your frustration - I wouldn't want to be without my computer for long.
    I really want a Kindle because books take up so much space. I'm the only one in the house that doesn't have one. It's so cost effective that I can't justify buying a book anymore. Plus, I know someone who works in the Kindle department at Amazon (which is near my work). I'm part of a book club with friends and I just can't get myself to buy the book we chose to read, especially since it's only in hardcover or digital right now. I love reading books, but over the past few years have gotten into audio books because I get motion sick reading on the bus. Plus I can listen at work too.
    I totally get the anniversary thing with your mom. It has been 3 years since my mom passed and I still randomly cry when something reminds me of her. I have a really tough time watching movies with mother/daughter traumas. Either that or parents with cancer in movies. Plus, the anniversary of my mom's death is also my wedding anniversary. How's that for luck? My guy takes it in stride, but it pretty much sucks for about a week during that time. I've talked to a psychologist a little about my feelings as well as to my husband, but it's tough for him because he doesn't know how I feel. If you ever want to talk about any of it, just let me know.