Thursday, August 18

it's so FUZZY.............. the meaning behind the name

so I wanted to post a video to give you an idea of why I chose the blog name "It's so FUZZY"

it's from Despicable Me... I would have used "fluffy" for my blog name but it was already taken.
When my bf and I watched the movie... as soon as he saw that part we had the following conversation:

"wow.. she sounds just like you"

"I don't sound like that"

"yes you do"

"no I don't"

"you're in denial"

"you're a whore"

we have a very healthy relationship.

A few months later we were at WalMart doing some grocery shopping (we're broke ass).. and I saw this super cute fluffy pillow that I wanted to buy.

"Look honey.. it matches the colors of our living room and it's so FLUFFY!"

"HA... I told you!"

"you're still a whore"

I love my bf.


  1. Agnes. Is. Awesome.
    My bf said the same thing about me when we saw the movie. We quote that part quite often.
    He just walked into the room and I said "Breaking news!"
    "Huh?" says he.
    And I played the clip.
    He just hung his head and sighed. I think he thinks it's getting old.
    I disagree.

  2. I LOVED Despicable Me! I have to say though, my boyfriend totally thought I sounded more like a minion.

    That should probably disturb me.