Friday, August 5

it's Friday I'm in LOVE

so not only do I love that song, but I LOVE Fridays and so it's THINGS I LOVE FRIDAYS!

On this 2nd edition of Things I Love Fridays I have a bunch of new things that I love and would like to share with you.

Tim Hortons coffee - I know those of you in the US don't know what I'm talking about but up here in the Great White North we have a coffee outlet that I would guess resembles Dunkin Donuts in the US. It's Canadians go-to joint in the morning on their drive in to work and I am no different. It's where you might hear phrases such as "Double Double", "Triple Triple" and "a 20 pack of Timbits please". It was even featured on an episode of HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) and if you don't know the greatness that is that show, well then.. I can't help you.
Anyhow, I'm sipping my half coffee, half hot chocolate with a shot of caramel this morning and loving how it makes my morning at work just a little bit more tolerable.

my iPod - I've had my iPod for a couple years now and I just LOVE how I can plug it into my iCube II and listen to music at work. I don't know how stabby I'd get with people if I didn't have music to listen to all day. It's not like listening to a radio either where they play the same song 523,048,372 times in a day and eventually if you hear Katy Perry's TGIF one more time you're going to go on a murderous rage destorying all the radio's and the girls named Katy. Come to think of it, I've never known anyone else named Katy and is that even HER real name? Are there even any girls out there at ALL named Katy? If there are and you are reading this blog, PLEASE comment so I know you're out there. (And even if you're name isn't Katy, please comment anyway cuz I'm needy and want your approval readers!)

My fellow BLOGGERS! - yes that's you people! Since I've discovered reading your blogs I have laughed, cried and really enjoyed being a part of your little world. It's inspired me to want to write my own thoughts and feelings down again like I used to from my Myspace days (gasp!). I've read archives upon archives of all your interesting blogs and when I'm at work and can't pull out my book cuz the big boss is here, I open an IE tab (yeah, it's work) and read to my hearts content.

twitter - when twitter first came out I was vehemently against any and all things twitter! Then a few friends joined and insisted that I start an account if anything just to read some of the funny tweets they had posted. I resisted for a while but finally gave in out of sheer morbid curiosity for what was going on in the twitterverse. Before I knew it I was fully engrossed in the twitter world and was even tweeting myself. Now I'm completely addicted and find myself tweeting at all hours of the day and night even going so far as professing my addiction in a tweet and finding others who are equally addicted to the irritating little bird.

my bf - and I know I wrote about him last week too but I DO love him super lots to the point where it's all mushy and lovey and irritating.

well there you have it people.. it's Friday again and in 5 more hours I'll leave work and it'll be the weekend again, which I LOVE!

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  1. You're cute. My neighbour runs 9 Timmy's in our city and IT'S AWESOME. We get all kinds of fun little perks :)