Monday, August 8

if only dreams were real......... and some GREAT news!

I'll start with the great news cuz I'm just so excited about it I want to BURST! A little backstory first.. my dad has leukemia and also had a cancerous lump in his throat. He went through surgery and chemo and so the lump and cancer was gone but he was still left with the leukemia. A little while ago his white cells spiked again so they thought they might have another type of cancer, in which case he might need more chemo to which he has refused cuz the last time was so awful! Well anyhow.. the good news.. he went for a biopsy last week and it turns out he doesn't have cancer!! I'm so excited about this as I only have my dad now (my mum passed last year) and so I really want him around as long as possible... I haven't had kids or gotten married yet and I'm worried my kids aren't going to have any grandparents on my side.

OK .. so enough with that.. I started getting into the bad stuff again and I want to be a part of cheesy bloggers weekly post!

This week is all about dreams... I've had some WEIRD dreams in the past and I really need to start writing them down as the longer in the day it goes the harder it is to remember the weirdness.

The one I had last night revolved around my work and all the people I work with.... except we didn't work where we work now.. we worked at KMart! SO bizarre... red smocks and all! The really funny part is that I had told my supervisor that I needed today off for family reasons and when I woke up I had a hard time convincing my early morning self that I didn't, in fact, have the day off. I can only imagine my boss calling me if I hadn't gone in..

"Why aren't you at work"

"I told you I needed the day off for family reasons"

"I don't recall that, when was it?"

"uhm......... in my dream?"

"you're fired"

(except they won't fire me cuz I already gave my notice and I'm too amazeballs so they want me to stay)

Now I'm wishing I had actually said I needed the day off cuz today has been the ultimate suck and I just want to kick Monday in its Monday balls. I almost ran out of gas driving to work so I had to go to the bank at lunch to put gas in my tank.. but the bank branch I went to was closed! My car starter lock isn't working and so I'm hoping it doesn't get stolen.. although it's not worth much and I could use the insurance payout.. anyone want to steal a '91 Jeep Cherokee? (I keed, I keed Insurance Company peoples who don't read this blog but find it later on and try to charge me for insurance fraud)... my lovely dear laptop that has been out for repairs was supposed to be shipped back today and UPS changed the delivery to tomorrow. Now I won't get it til Wednesday cuz they need a signature and I'm not home during the day to sign for it, so they have to attempt to deliver it tomorrow then I can call them and have it shipped to my work address.. bah! Those are just a few things on my Monday suck it list.

Anyhow, back to dreams.

I've had a couple recurring dreams over the years.. both of which are really disturbing.

One of which started when I was a kid... and I'm running around a neighborhood I didn't recognize (which later turned out to be similar to a neighborhood I lived in). I'm seeing everything through someone elses eyes and it turns out that someone is a killer. He is skinning people and hanging the skins out to dry on a clothesline. (I know this seems similar to Silence of the Lamb, but I swear I didn't see that til I was older) I don't remember much else other than feeling like I was going to be caught and wanting to scream that it wasn't me.. I usually wake up in a sweat feeling guilty and terrified at the same time.

Another of them I'm driving on this highway that goes to a bridge that is more like a roller coaster.. but a bazillion times scarier for some reason. I love roller coasters but this highway bridge is super thin and for some reason you can barely make it on your car but you have to and I think it even goes upside down.. but I could be wrong. I haven't had this dream in awhile... but I always wake up scared of heights and in real life, I'm SO not scared of heights.

most of my dreams take place in these really colorful imagination worlds that I wish I could draw but unfortunately I have the artistic talent of a 2 year old. One dream I remember clearly in this peaceful lake in the middle of a forest with a wood deck that jutted out into the lake.. I've never seen this place in the real world, but I wish it did exist. Another was a waterfall that ended up in this pristine blue green pool.. which also had some kind of travel portal that if you swam over the right area sucked you up ala Futurama.

not sure what my dreams say about me.. and in some ways, maybe I don't want to know.


  1. Urrgghh... I have that street-turned-roller-coaster type of dreams sometimes as well. Always makes me break out in a cold sweat.

  2. Oh my goodness, too funny. Congrats on your father. I'm so sorry he's had medical difficulties and am praying he continues to get better.