Tuesday, August 2

bbq, bucks and bears............ oh my!

This past weekend we had a family day trip up to Whistler Mtn for a BBQ Competition (I love me some meat) and just some general sightseeing. Both the bf and I haven't been to Whistler in over 10 years and the kidlet had never been so we were all excited!

We started off our trip with a stop at Timmy's ..cuz no road trip is complete without Timmy's coffee.. mmmmmmmmmmm. Coffee coffee java java java.. ok, so I might have had too much.. the shaking and jitters are normal, right?!

img courtesy of Timmy's

It started out rainy but then the sun got off its lazy ass and decided to show itself.... the rest of the drive was nice and relaxing with the kidlet playing DS in the back and me controlling the road tunes up front. Included in my playlist are: Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Dev, Journey and some classic Queen!

We got to Whistler around noon and paid for parking.. .$12 for a day.. yikes! As well, those fucking parking meters are the suck.. they don't take cash, only change or Credit Card. As well it seems they are not exactly idiot proof as there was a line-up at least 5 people long consistently as people struggled to figure out how to use it. It's not that difficult people... put license plate #, put money (or CC) in and get your receipt... durrrrr. I really hate people sometimes.

Anyhow... it was a GORGEOUS day in Whistler and we enjoyed walking around the village looking for the BBQ championship which was part of the reason for the trip. We found an information booth and were informed that the BBQ was at Whistler Creekside.. approximately 10 minutes from Whistler village.


img courtesy of Google Images

We were assured though that if we came back we could still park and not have to pay again as it goes by license and not stall #... yay!

Thankfully parking at Whistler Creekside was free... (I love anything free) and then followed our noses to the smell of sweet, sweet bbq! Sadly the competition was almost over and so we missed most of the food, but we did partake in some ribs and pulled pork.. fucking delicious! I took two rounds in the line-up for the pulled pork.. don't judge! I said I love my meat!

The three of us headed back to Whistler village and wandered around looking at shops and enjoying the nice weather. We ate lunch at the Spaghetti factory where basically EVERYONE working there was foreign.. our hostess was from Australia and our server was from England. I love, love, LOVE accents.. I could listen to a British, Australian or New Zealand accent for hours. Just talk to me baby.. I don't care what about. Although I'm sure if they were talking about axe murdering me, I might sing a different tune... or just tune out the words and listen to the sweet, sweet accent. Probably the latter.. cuz ignorance is bliss.

After eating we walked off our food and took some funny pictures with the statues in the area..

I swear I'm not strangling Bambi!

I know how to take a buck by the horns!

After walking back and forth through the village 3 or 4 times and buying some chocolate lip tint from Lush... my bf bought me a keychain (I collect them) with a whistle on it. Which I, of course, blew on every few minutes just cuz I can.. much to the dismay and irritation of my bf. I'm surprised he didn't take it away from me.. hehe. For dessert we stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and indulged in some caramel apples.. omg.. SO good!

img courtesy of Rocky Mountain
I know you can picture the pounds adding to your ass just looking at this photo!

We finally headed home... and of course on the way home saw a Black Bear on a side road just chillin out and eating. He was a small guy so we parked a bit away and left the windows up but snapped a few pictures. Of course there was another car there windows fully down leaning out while taking pictures.. pointing and talking loudly. If they had gotten mauled by the bear I probably wouldn't have gone for help immediately just out of spite for their own stupidity... I swear it's natural selection!




After that we stopped at Shannon Falls cuz I simply LOVE waterfalls... and took a few more goofy pics.

the kidlet took a pic of bf and I all snuggly in front of the falls

then I hammed it up BIG time


and hugged some trees.. cuz that's how I roll.

and yes... I am the whitest person that ever existed... just in case you were wondering.

It was late when we got home and we all went to bed and slept in on the lovely holiday morning.. I love extra days off!

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  1. Looks like a fun day :). Just fyi - my boss is from Australia :). I love accents too, but when it's your boss it's kinda weird lol.