Monday, August 22

lack of coordination and lead poisoning

This week Cheesy Bloggers is talking about being clumsy.. which is something I know all too well.

I've had multiple experiences with being clumsy over the years... starting in early childhood. I was born with feet that were turned in.. so I actually had casts on my feet when I was a toddler.... which somehow I was able to learn to walk in. My mum LOVED to tell the story about her daughter who couldn't be stopped from walking with casts on at 9 months old even though the doctor discouraged it. I don't know what went wrong.

I remember following my sister under a barbed wire fence when I was young... and ended up with a scratch on my eyebrow that has led to a permanent scar. I think it's a rule that little sisters have to annoy older sisters and follow them around. I think this definitely contributed to the start of my accident-prone behaviour and led to me being generally clumsy later on in life. My sister is 7 years older than me and so there are a lot of things that she could do, that I was simply unable to do. One example is when we were riding our bikes back from the general store down a big hill and my sister was bragging about how she could ride down the big hill with no hands... so what did I do? Tried and failed miserably.. fell off the bike and ended up in the hospital overnight with a concussion. (the first of many)

Remember when your teacher/parents/elders told you not to run with sharp objects such as scissors or a pencil? I do... did you think I listened?
I needed to run home one day and for some reason, I was holding a pencil.... you can see where this story is going. Lead poisoning and a permanent black dot scar on my chest are my memoirs from that brilliant decision.

I can't count how many times I've bonked my head.... the last couple times I've bonked my head getting out of my car and one time serious enough to give myself a concussion. It's like my body is totally unaware of how much space my head requires to move about without hitting things.. due to my GINORMOUS brain! (hehe)

I've been permanently banned from peeling potatoes or even cutting vegetables in my household... though I'm not completely to blame for this as most peelers are NOT made for left handed people. It's not my fault when I almost cut chunks of my fingers off while trying to make fries.

My friends and family are constantly making fun of me for tripping while walking.. although again I really can't help it as I'm only 5'3" but somehow I have size 8/9 feet. (my sister calls me flipper foot) I can't be held responsible for nature essentially giving me a big foot handicap... or maybe when they straightened my feet as a baby something went terribly, terribly wrong.

I have completely given up on wearing white at ALL when eating anything as I will inevitably spill something on myself. Our household has an excessive amount of kitchen towels for the very reason that I'm always spilling and making a general mess of things. Though I do take full blame for when I cook.. it usually looks like a tornado has gone through the kitchen and I almost ALWAYS use 934587340 more utensils than I actually need.. thank goodness for dishwashers, eh?

Reading over this, clearly I'm in clumsy denial.


  1. I actually cringed at the pencil part, and the potato peeling part. Although being banned from peeling potatoes isn't necessarily a bad thing. time I'm peeling I may have to accidentally peel off a portion of my finger. Aaannd, I just threw up a little.

  2. Being a lefty too - it's almost like they WANT us to hurt ourselves. We had to buy a potato peeler in a rush for Thanksgiving last year and I had to tell my husband I couldn't help make the mashed potatoes because the peeler was for right-handed people only.
    I need to write my own blog on this . . . so many things I can relate to: older sister, being a lefty, having bigger feet - no wonder we're friends lol :).