Friday, August 19

karma's a bitch

it's time again for THINGS I LOVE FRIDAYS!

Karma - I friggin LOVE karma... I love that when a stupid bitch cuts me off in traffic or doesn't let me merge (cuz we all know that ONE car makes all the fucking difference in the world)... that they will get their karma later. Like the twatwaffle that wouldn't let me merge this afternoon and later on I ended up catching up to her when I was almost home. I'd like to think that is karma making her pay for the fact that she couldn't let even ONE car merge in front of her and so she didn't end up getting to her destination any faster than me.

the internet - all the glorious things that we have the internet for. YouTube, twitter,, funny or die... even facebook. Some people say we are less connected now than ever with all the new technology we have these days, but I like to think otherwise. With fb I'm connected to the friends in all the different places in the country that I've lived. With YouTube I can laugh at other peoples cat videos. It's like this global connect system and I LOVE it.

honey mustard - anyone else love honey mustard? I had chicken strips for lunch today and the restaurant I went to makes the BEST honey mustard around. Just the perfect combination of honey and mustard. It does kind of look a little nuclear yellow, but that's just how I like it... lets just pray I don't end up with cancer later. Or maybe I'll get a super power... I hope it's flying.

photography - I love being able to take pictures of the world from a different and unique perspective. Also how every photographer seems to have their own interesting take on the world. Two photographers can go out on a shoot and have completely different pictures and both are interesting and fun. I'm going to try and get out early tomorrow morning and photograph the fog that lays in the valley in the mornings. I don't love getting up early on the weekends, but I do LOVE photography.

BLOGGING - this outlet is so wonderful for me.. even if no one ever reads it, that's ok.. it's my own little place to be who I want and say what I want. Run on sentences and all. I don't have to have proper grammar and I can be the worst writer in the world but it's MINE, and that's all that matters.

well.. that's it for today. Hopefully I'll have a fun and interesting weekend to share with you all on Monday!


  1. I read it. I love all those things too. Woah twins! Except honey mustard. Boo not twins.

  2. apparently I'm the only one who likes honey mustard...

    @Mandy .. it's from a place on Annacis Island.. and also a local place in Langley.. two BEST places for honey mustard!

  3. I'm a Ranch girl, but I have had honey mustard in the past.

    I am such a fan of photography and have a lot of photographer friends :). It's one of those hobbies that I have wanted to try, but am afraid of how wrapped up in it I could become.