Monday, September 5

twa la la's a holiday!

I really enjoy stat holidays.. actually, I don't really know anyone who doesn't enjoy an extra day off. Maybe workaholics, but they're assholes anyway.

I've had a really good weekend so far, and I look forward to what today will bring. I've read my first kindle book, relaxed, ate junk food.. oh and got some good stuff done too like laundry and cleaned my house. I guess we can't be kids all the time, eh?

 Today I'm parking my Jeep because as a broke college student, I can't afford to keep it running. Partly cuz of gas prices and partly cuz of insurance. I'm going to miss my independence. I can take the bus as much as I want though, which isn't really independence. No really, when you have to wait a half hour for a bus and so if you want to run errands they take you twice or even three times as long to complete.

I don't really have anything to say today. Which isn't really different from any other day..

 SO... happy extra day off everyone!


  1. I'm just chilling on the couch for my extra day off from the slave market.

  2. Workaholics are the worst kind of assholes. Yay for days off!

  3. I'm learning not to be a workaholic. But I always liked a day off, even when I was one.

  4. I used to be a workaholic...what a waste of time that was ..Cheers !