Friday, September 16

crazy people......... myself included.

my baloney has a first name... it's nomnomnomnomnom....

thanks SO much to Adios Mofo for sharing that picture! 20 minutes later and I'm still laughing like a retarded hyena... I don't know if there is such as thing as a retarded hyena.. but I guess if we believe Disney...

I know I haven't posted in a LONG time... but I've been SUPER busy... hence the crazy.

but it could be the copious amounts of chemistry I'm studying... I have organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and coordination chemistry. Then next term MORE organic chemistry and some physical chemistry and maybe some inorganic chemistry... just thrown in there for good measure... cuz I'm just an insanely masochistic and crazy person I love chemistry so much!

I'm really loving school though... I forgot how much I missed being intellectually stimulated on a regular basis. Working as a receptionist doing grunt work really didn't do it for me... plus the shitty pay was .. well.. shitty. Guess it could have been worse though.. I could be have this persons job.

you know what sucks though? (I'm sure you don't and you probably don't care but I'm going to tell you) the two and a half hour commute.. that's what. seriously... why hasn't someone invented a teleportation device yet? come on assholes.. get on that shit!

riding the bus is the total suck..... either you get on early and you get a seat and if you're like me you spend most of the ride feeling guilty if you don't give up your seat to anyone even remotely older than you even if you have twice as far to go and have been walking around campus all day... OR you end up standing and have to manage to brace yourself with your huge, heavy backpack between your legs and somehow miraculously you don't fall on someones lap and go so red in the face that people think you've turned into a tomato. Wow... that was a lot of run-on sentences.... that's how much I hate riding the bus.... it affects my grammar, people!

other than that, I'm feeling a renewed sense of gratitude at my life right now .... I'm so very thankful for everything I have and even find myself not really wanting anything more right now... what is with our society and the obsession to want more more more? Always bigger, better, newer. I have an old tv that is huge, heavy and a pain in the ass.. but it works and I love it. Wouldn't I like a new LCD flat screen HD? Sure.. of course.. but is it necessary or even vital to my happiness? Fuck no. It seems like every day there is something newer and better out there. I bought my camera less than a year ago and it's already out of date... as well as my laptop... it just irritates the fuck out of me. How much $$ are we wasting on this bullshit? Where do we draw the line? /sanctimonious rant over

I didn't mean to go all crazy there..... I seem to be full up on crazy right now. Not quite sure why. I really need to see a doctor... sometimes the level of crazy in my brain scares even me.. and I don't scare easily. Spiders... bah! Heights... whatever! I'm one of those freaks who likes standing on the edge of a cliff and actually looks forward to the idea of possibly jumping out of a perfectly good air plane. CRAAAAZY.

"we all go a little mad sometimes" ..why yes, yes I do.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling good. You make me miss school! And I TOTALLY hear you onthe cummute thing.

  2. don't miss school... there's lots of homework!

  3. I hate public transportation too!

  4. So the armpit smelling..that's from the study in Switzerland that the more a guy's DNA differs from hers, the more a woman is turned on by his smell....right?

  5. That cat is beyond adorable and commutes suck. Badly.

  6. I have a 2 hour commute one-way each day for work, so I totally feel you on the teleporter thing. I feel similarly about being in rehearsals as you do with being in school I think - it's a lot of work, but I learn so much and gain so much that all the busy-ness is worth it.
    Keep us all updated :)!

  7. I'm with Marianna, now I miss school too :) But, I'm sad to say, not chemistry. Also, I do not miss commuting, not one bit!