Friday, September 2

I got a KINDLE!!!

today is my last day at my current job .. and I'm writing this post FROM my work computer on my lunch break.... cuz I'm SUPER excited.

My wonderful, awesome, amazing, lovely coworkers got me a KINDLE as my going away present!

How awesome is that?!

I've wanted one of these for over a year now, and was actually going to put it on my Christmas list (sorry SO, you're going to have to buy me something else now).

*super mega awesome happy dance*

I just wanted to share with the world!

oh.. and it's FRIDAY YO!


This Friday I LOOOOOOVE..........

my new KINDLE - of COURSE this would be on my list today. I can't wait to load it up with awesome books and read them on the bus on my hour and a half bus ride to school and then again on the hour and a half bus ride home. I think after I register my new kindle tonight, I'm going to be shopping for a new case and also buying Amazon credit to spend on yummy yummy books!

my pretty rings - I only currently wear two rings.. and before they were given to me I didn't wear any. I'm not a huge fan of jewelry and don't really like wearing a lot. The only other piece I wear all the time is my frog necklace cuz I'm severly obsessd with frogs. It's normal! Yes it is! Shut up. Anyhow, back to my rings. I have a gorgeous turquoise ring that was my mothers (turquoise is my birth stone) and when she passed my sister got it redone to fit me and added a bunch of accents to it. I now wear it every day and every time I look at it, I'm reminded of the love I have for my mum and the love my sister has for me. Currently on my left hand is a blue topaz and diamond ring that my mother-in-law (future) has lent to me to wear.. and I don't want to give it back cuz I love it so much. It looks just like the ring that Prince William gave to Princess Kate and it's super pretty and girly and I'm surprised that I even like it cuz I normally shy away from anything girly. Anyhow, I love these two rings and for as long as I have the both of them I will continue to wear them every day and have people think that I'm far classier than I am.

my new hair color - I posted a pic of it on twitter this morning, and maybe later when I'm home I'll edit this post and link up a pic of my new ravenous ruby hair color. My gf who does my hair is an absolute color genius and I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE my new color. I've gotten tons of compliments on it, which is really what doing anything like that is all about anyway. NO! I mean, it's all about my own self image and esteem and individuality. Really.

Pepsi - I know all you coke bitches are yelling at me now but I'm sorry I love Pepsi. My dad was a coke fan when I was growing up so I never had pepsi til I was an adult and the first time I had it I just LOVED it. Remember those "taste challenges" back in the day? Anyone? Please don't leave me alone on the edge here! Anyhow, I could always tell the difference and I always preferred Pepsi and I still do. It's not that I won't DRINK a coke if that's all there is. I don't throw it in the face of the server who offered it to me. I don't, I swear. I'm not an asshole. Well, at least not in that way. Anyhow, Pepsi it is!

Well that's all I have today. Everyone have a GREAT long weekend.. I'll be reading on my new KINDLE, bitches!


  1. I have a Kindle too (it's a Kobo - even better! haha!) I love it. I also love my rings and yours sound gorgeous. Especially since they're sentimental. I prefer pepsi too. Coke is gross.

  2. Wow when I left my job they didn't get me shit. My boss didn't say shit to me either, but that was fine because he's kind of creepy with a pedosmile.


  3. I still want a Kindle, but since I get easily motion sick, I've waited because an mp3 player with audiobooks is probably better for me. I know someone who works for Kindle and actually work near the Amazon Kindle building . . . so I might need to see what kind of deals I can get for my friends and maybe me in the future.
    I don't wear a lot of jewelry either. I have a fake wedding ring right now because my set doesn't fit anymore (need to get them resized or lose a lot of weight) and I wear a necklace with two pendants that mean a lot to me. I love looking at jewelry, but I hardly ever change out the jewelry I wear. About the only thing I change are my earrings.

  4. I wish I could wear pretty rings. Stupid bar job, can't wear rings, I wash my hands too much, and it's kinda against health code. (bitches.) I wear ridiculous necklaces and earrings everyday to make up for it.

    Also, Pepsi is FTW! Even more win = Pepsi Throwback!