Thursday, September 1

the time the popo came for me........... now with more vagina!

Vagina seems to be a common topic in some of the blogs that I read and so for some reason now, I've got vagina on the brain. I guess there could be worse things to have in your brain... except if I were a lesbian. Then I guess vagina on the brain is just an every day occurrence. Or maybe it's not. Are lesbians obsessed with vagina like straight men are obsessed with vagina? Next time I talk to my lesbian friends, I'm going to ask them.

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Anyhow... it's Thursday Tunes!

This Thursday I'm going to share a tune that reminds me of a good time from my past that I shared with my family. It's only a week until the one year anniversary of my mums passing and I'm really missing her more than I can even put into words. This story makes me miss her so hardcore that I can barely stand it, and happy all at the same time.

PS - this video is NSFW or probably your children... except all I could find was the censored version cuz apparently youtube is a bunch of dickpickles (Thanks @SnappySurprise)

The setting: My sisters house - backyard

The day: Saturday afternoon

Those involved: my sister, aunt, mum and me... my nephews were somewhere in the house and my brother-in-law was lounging about somewhere also

The catalyst: Vodka and Sourpuss martini's (basically vodka and flavored alcohol syrup just shaken with ice and poured into martini glasses.. no mixer, no filler.. just straight booze and a LOT of it)

just imagine this.... x a LOT more

We had gone through at least one round of martini's each.... and we were all feeling good. We decided that we wanted to dance... so my sister grabbed the outside stereo she has on her patio and put on a CD... the first song on this CD was Crazy Bitch. We all got up and danced.. sang along and continued to drink. When the song was over..... apparently we decided that one play was not satisfying enough, so we played it again. And again. And again. With each play... the stereo volume seemed to go up. I think there might actually have been some correlation between the increased stereo volume and increased alcohol consumption, but that's neither here nor there.

After about 10 or so repeated plays of Crazy Bitch on full stereo volume.... and possible repeated attempts of my brother-in-law to get us to turn it down (rather unsuccessfully)... we were completely sloshed.

The next thing I know my brother-in-law is coming down the side of the house and tells us that we're in trouble.

"They're back here boys, come and get 'em"

From the side of the house come four (yes that's right, four) cops. They were responding to a noise call (couldn't possibly know what that's about).. and were coming to break up the raging party that was apparently going on in our backyard. When my brother-in-law answered the door they asked how many people were in the backyard...

"Just four.. my wife, her sister, her mum and her aunt"

"No, you have to have about 40 people back there"

"I'm telling the truth officer, there's four of you, so there's one for each of you.. I'll take you back there"

it's really hard to be intimidated when we call them "mounties"

After we all laughed (all except the popo of course)... the cops told us to "keep it down" and left. My brother-in-law responded,

"told you it was too loud"

Do we know how to party, or what?

It used to be a "crew" ... my sister and I .. .with my mum and her sister... and now we're one member short. It just feels wrong. Like the world doesn't make sense. The world hasn't made sense for me since she died... and I don't know that it ever will again.

love you mum!


  1. The internet *is* full of dickpickles.

    I'm so sorry you feel lost, broken, wounded, alone. I can't imagine it, so i can't offer sage words. I have faith, though, that you'll find a place to belong again - that the hole will always be there, but that it will start to mend with time. ("faith" is believing in something that common sense tells you not to")


  2. Sweetie, I completely know how you are feeling. I mean, not completely because every relationship is different, but the first year after my mom died was the worse I have every gone through. I almost lost everything because I didn't know what to do or how to feel. I try to remember all the good times and be thankful for the time I did have with her. It helped me to know others out there know similar loss, so I'm here for you. I'm glad you can talk about it. *hugs*
    Vaginas ARE everywhere right now. It's PCOS awareness month too, so that only adds to it. Since I have had PCOS for a few years now I'm trying to get the word out there about the syndrome - which includes talk about ovaries, fertility, periods, and other girly stuff.

  3. I'm so distracted by that graphic I almost forgot to send you a hug. Almost. So consider yourself hugged. And I'm sorry for the smell, but that graphic made me forget to shower. Again.