Wednesday, September 21

go suck a donkey nutt .. and much more elaborate cursing.

normally it's angry Thursday... but for some reason today I'm super frustrated!

It starts off with the terrible dreams I had last night about chemistry.... organic molecules attacking you in your sleep is definitely not an equation for a rested night. Or maybe it is.. if you're a total freak. Which I'm not. So... I woke up with bags the size of ballsacks under my eyes.

Part of it stems from the fact that I have my first actual lab today and I'm super nervous. It's been about five years since I've done a chemistry lab.. and I had forgotten about the stupid lab prep. They always want you to read the lab (or prelab) before the actual lab and then usually prepare your notebook accordingly. I don't know if any of you out there in blogland have done this .. but it sucks. Well... at least it does if you're anything like me. I read through the whole thing.. once, twice... THREE times.. but until I'm actually IN the lab doing the experiment it usually doesn't make sense. So I'm asked to describe what the purpose of the lab is and give a go over what the steps are. Sounds easy, right?


Seriously... I swear they write these things purposely to confuse the fuck out of people until they actually get IN in the lab and say...

"oh THAT'S what I'm supposed to do... ok"

The terminology is so technical that while you're reading.. it doesn't make any iota of sense whatsoever. So of course I ended up stressing out last night.. emailed the lab director (who hasn't gotten back to me yet) ...and didn't end up doing anything til 20 minutes ago. Of course NOW I'm stressing out that what I wrote isn't correct and/or doesn't make sense. (I have a horrible case of self-doubt) I really hope I don't have to re-write the whole fucking thing when I go to lab today.

So... that's part of my fuck you Wednesday.

Then I get up and get ready.... shower, dressed, make-up.... blah blah blah... and turn on the news. The first story they are talking about is the new facebook. My laptop hasn't turned on yet... so now I'm wondering wtf is going on... did they change it again?!

and of course.. yes they did.

fuck facebook ... seriously.

Don't get me wrong.. I love facebook.. I love that I can keep in touch with friends/family/etc of people who live all over the country/world........ I've moved around a lot so I've met friends all over and it's nice to know I can keep up on what's going with their lives. That being said.... they seem to fuck with the effing layout/design every few months. As well as a bunch of little changes they seem to make all the time... one of which I was just bitching about a couple days ago. They added some kind of profile review thing.. which I actually really like the concept of .. cuz if someone tags me in some bullshit note or picture (basically facebook fluff which my nephews do to me all the time)... I can untag that shit cuz I don't really give a fuck about that shit. BUT THE MOTHERFUCKING THING DOESN'T FUCKING WORK!

Sorry... sorry.. didn't mean to go all caps on you. (haha.. caps.. like cap your ass.. OH.. maybe that's where the cap your ass came from.. wait.. no.. probably not.. I really shouldn't try to understand urban culture cuz I suck at it)

ok anyhow... the stupid thing doesn't work. My bf added something about me the other day.... I think he changed our relationship to show it as me being his "partner"

SIDENOTE: have you checked all the different types of relationships you can be now? It's more than just "in a relationship" and "it's complicated"... fucking hilarious.. if you have a minute.. go check it out.

ok.. so he did this a few days ago and now EVERY time I click to view my own profile I get this review notification .. and it WON'T GO AWAY!! .. for DAYS now.. and the OCD in me is going fucking insane cuz I can't make it go away. Every time I see it again I feel increasingly more stabby.

NOW facebook again has changed it's news feed layout .. and it's fucking stupid. It doesn't show stores in chronological order anymore... basically it arbitrarily decides what is important to me and shows that. YOU DON'T KNOW ME FACEBOOK! There was a rumor going around that if you changed your language to English (UK) that it would fix it .. but that is total fucking cockswallow.. don't believe it! PLUS .. they added facebook within facebook on the right hand side... what's up with that facebook? You though you were so important that you felt the need to brag about yourself??!

I think I heard it best with this..

Anyhow.. fuck chemistry dreams, fuck chem labs, fuck facebook, CorrinePM you're cool... FUCK YOU I'M OUT! .. (and if you get that reference (NOT the Britney version) you're fucking awesome and I love you!


  1. I'm still reeling from the news that you're not a total freak. And I'd love to just quit facebook because I hate relearning it every 3 months, but for some reason I can't. Like Taco Bell. But at least there I can ignore the cheesy gordita whateverness and just get my tacos. Heh. Tacos.

  2. Just to let you know - I do understand the whole frustration about writing about a lab before actually doing the lab. Even though I only took chemistry in high school, I remember having to do that when we did labs. It's probably part of why I hated science. I'm a visual learner and while I can read and remember things, it doesn't actually sink in until I see it being done. Writing about what I have read doesn't really help me until I can actually do what it asks me to do.
    Stick to it and I know you will do just fine :). Now that I'm in the biotech field I totally want to see more female scientists in there - it's too populated by "good ol' boys" still in my opinion.

  3. Awww thanks, babe, for the mention. You're pretty cool yourself. :)

  4. FUCKING FACEBOOOOOOKKKKKKKK!!!!! Quit fucking changing stuff!!!!!! I can't see ANY new posts except for the ones that are "favorited" or whatever the fuck.

    I hate it!!!!!!!!
    If it wasn't the best way to keep in contact with people I otherwise wouldn't talk to, I SO would be off that shit. ERGH!

  5. You just made my brain explode. I was a physical therapy until my second semester when I had to take chem lab. I was so scared to take it I changed my major.

  6. Facebook is totally the thing to hate. I love it, I hate it. It changes so often that it's pretty obvious they have a whole group of people sitting around figuring out how to get people to stay on the site.

    AND no matter what kind of SEO you do, facebook is always better.

    In the future, everything will be Facebook. Which is good, because there's just too much damn variety going on.

    BTW, I studied chemistry for a semester, back in the day. Once I figured out that I was NOT going to learn how to make meth, and I was NOT going to be able to just mix stuff together and see what happens, I had to give it up.

  7. chem labs aren't all that bad.. the one I did yesterday and today were both really nice.. it's the organic chem lab that I'm really worried about... *shudder*

    thanks for all the comments everyone... I just want to SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEZE you all so SUPER tight... *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze*

    ok.. I'm better now.


  8. Oh I hate the new facebook! It will change in a few months though to something even more annoying.

  9. Speaking of Facebook you will be happy, nope overjoyed to hear that there will soon be a NEW version of your profile page. It will be in a Timeline format. If you have not heard about it or seen it, I have a picture of what mine looks like on my blog. Here is the link:

  10. That's the main problem with Chem Labs in school (and in the workplace when you're new). They expect you to read it and know exactly what you're supposed to do, but until you've read dozens or hundreds of them, it makes no sense.

    Half Baked!! Love it! :)