Monday, May 27

more than just a day to BBQ

today is Memorial Day.... and even though I wasn't born an American, my mum was. She brought us up on all the holidays and traditions of the US so I feel like it's my home too. So even though I don't get a day off for it... I still recognize Memorial Day. It's a day to remember our soldiers and what they do for our country. I may not agree with the war, the reasons why we're there or how much $$ is spent on "keeping us safe" ... but that doesn't change the fact that every day soldiers get up and go to work like the rest of us... but instead of dealing with rush hour traffic and other such bullshit.. they are dealing with stuff that could possibly risk the safety of their lives. All the while their wives sit at home staying strong for their kids and family. Whether you agree with the what they do or not.. they still deserve your respect. That is a fact.

so today on this Memorial Day... please take a moment to remember why you get an extra day off work.

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