Friday, May 24

London Bridge Is Falling Down......

well, ok, it's not .... it's the Skagit River Bridge, and only part of it collapsed. Apparently by the fault of a Canadian trucker. Oops. You can't trust those inland people, I've been saying this for years.. ;) I had the WEIRDEST dream about the bridge ... they were using some old bridge that they hadn't used in years until they could fix it. Why in gods name would I dream about a bridge? There was a lot of other weird dreams last night. One combined minecraft, some old friends of mine and some annoying kids; this one is the most bizarre because we were IN a minecraft world where everything was blocks except us. There was a part where I had to take a bus through Seattle but I got lost at night and was running away from thugs. Of these series of dreams last night ... one was more bizarre than the last. I'm still sitting here kind of dazed.

It's Friday today ... and I have no work and nothing else planned. I quite possibly might not get out of my pj's all day. My only real plan over the next week is to finish the last 30% of A Feast for Crows (Game of Thrones Book 4)... this way I can start reading book 5, which is apparently much better. Don't get me wrong, I've still been enjoying this book, but it's kind of like book 2.. a little slow. Which makes sense why the HBO show is thinking about making book 3 into 2 seasons and then combining book 4 and 5 into one season. This book could definitely be condensed.

It's also a long weekend down in the US... Memorial Day.... I hope people remember that it's more than just an extra day off work or a day to bbq... it's about people who died in war. Far too many people. Think of that at least once this weekend... have a moment to reflect.

I hope everyone has had a good week... mine has just been... blah. I just can't get out of this funk. Maybe some good music will help... (sexy girls don't hurt either)

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