Thursday, May 23

I want you ... all tattoo'ed .. I want you bad.

(the title is derived from lyrics in this song by one of my favorite artists of all time)

so this morning I got up and read a post by @doitalone titled “A woman with ink is an easy lay compared to her clean-skinned counterpart.” and I was instantly enraged. Though I knew she had tats herself, so I figured she must be referencing the opinion of someone else.. and she was... this douchenozzle. While I understand his right to his opinion.. and I completely understand that some men simply do not find tats attractive... he's wrong on so many levels.

NOT all men find tats gross or assume that women who have them are easier in bed.

I think a part of the argument that he is missing is that more than half of the population of the industrialized world has tattoo's ... and a lot of developing nations as well (just in a different way). People with tats or piercings are the norm now... NOT the other way around. Girls who don't have tattoo's ... might be less "easy" but it could also be because they don't have tattoo's for religious reasons and it's THOSE religious reasons which make them less sexual.

As Steph pointed out in her blog ... the man did have some points that weren't completely out of left field and misogynistic. One in particular regarding tattoo's being a typical symbol of rebellion, which for some, they are.... and that makes me sad. IMO tattoo's should have a story, a feeling... something about them that makes them special to you... be it the subject matter of the tat, when you got it done, who you got it done with... I'll tell you my tat story for clarification...

I have two tattoo's....
the first one is a little frog on my left ankle.

I got this tattoo with my sister, mum and aunt... we all went together, the two sets of sisters with the intention to get the japanese symbol for "sisters" (which we had researched) together. When we got there, we all decided that we wanted something more individual... I got my frog, my sister got a fairy, my mum a ladybug and my aunt a symbol for "crazy/insane"... it was the best day. I still think back on it fondly. Every time I look at my tattoo, I remember the happy times I shared with my family.

The second tattoo is an "ohm" symbol on my back which I got with my sister on my mums birthday six months after she passed away.

The symbol is in honor of my mother and my desire for her to finally have the peace and happiness in death she lacked in life. It's between my shoulder blades and I often forget it is there... but in the summer (or anytime I'm wearing just a tank top) people who haven't seen it point it out and I relieve my hope for my mum.

my tats have meaning for me... they hold a deep and important place in my heart and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

that being said, they are also EXTREMELY addictive.. ask anyone who has a tattoo... people rarely have just one. With that, I have plans for 5 more... one of which will be a half sleeve, a couple for each of my wrists and one on my ribcage... eventually I will get these. Sadly they are effing expensive, and so I'll have to wait...

That man is free to his opinion... and I'm free to think he's a giant asshat who has some serious issues that go deeper than tattoo's on women.



  2. I know... that's why it's last on my list... lol

  3. A) Love the Offspring. B) My ink is like a wrinkle on my face. I am neither ashamed, nor proud. It was a memory and a moment. It defined me. C) That pain. I know it. I feel it too. And sometimes we keep hitting our heads with a hammer because it feels so good when we stop. I'm an old granny to you. But I love you, just the same. My friend. Your marks are your making. And you are beautiful. Just saying. <3 Lucy

  4. thanks Lucy!!!