Monday, November 7

I swear I'm not the crazy cat lady...........

this weeks theme from Cheesy Bloggers is PETS!

I LOVE animals... like seriously.. I love animals.. I've always loved animals.. ever since I can remember I've had an affinity for animals... When I was a kid my imaginary family even had pets.... beware of the horse, he bites. Then as I got older, I would go over to peoples houses and they would have a dog and they'd say,

"oh... don't pet my dog, he's kind of mean"

and two seconds later that same dog would be rolling on it's back with me rubbing its belly. I don't know why.. I just seem to have this way with animals. I even volunteered at the local SPCA when I was younger cuz I loved being around animals. At one time in college I thought about being a vet... but then I realized that I love animals more than I love people.. and I don't think I could put an animal down.. even if I knew it was what needed to be done.

I got my first pet when I was 5... she was a purebred siamese kitten.. I called her Snoopy... and she was the BEST cat in the world.... she would put up with me putting her in doll dresses.. she would sleep like a human in my bed with her head on the pillow and the rest of her under the covers. Eventually she got older and when another of our cats had kittens, Snoopy thought it was time to move on. She left one night and never came back.

I had a bad streak of luck with cats for a few years after that... 2 cats hit by cars, 1 cat poisoned by antifreeze, and 2 that ran away... After that I resolved that I would NEVER let my cats outside again. It's just too dangerous out there for them.

It's also dangerous for the local wildlife as cats are natural predators and WILL kill birds and other small mammals.
/end SPCA psa

Anyhow... in 2000 I moved out to my first place on my own and it was really lonely..... so I went down to the local SPCA and got a kitten.. her name was Trouble... she was fucking awesome. She loved to sleep on my chest and if I fell asleep with her there, I'd wake up to her trying to suckle on my ear lobes. I think she might have been taken away from her mother too young. I had Trouble for 7 years.. I moved her down to the US with me and back up ..and then over to the east coast with me .. and back.. and eventually last year had to put her down because she had diabetes and was losing the use of her back legs. She was the first pet I actually had to take and put down myself and it was the HARDEST decision I ever had to make. Even now.. typing this I'm tearing up thinking about my little Trouble and how much I miss her.

There is light still.. while I had trouble a friend of mine called me and told me about how she found a box of kittens outside the local Safeway and they hand no homes.. so of course I took one home.. she was covered in fleas and extremely mangy... but once she was cleaned up and fluffed out... my little Punk was SO adorable.. she pets herself if you leave your hand out and meows ALL the time. She's now 7 years old and she makes a great big sister for the little kitten I got a few months ago.

I found myself at the local shelter again (see a pattern here?) and there was this trio of black and white cats in the playroom.. two of them were sisters and they were juvenile kittens that were not very socialized because they had a respiratory infection and had to be quarantined when they were young. I took a liking to both of them... but had to choose one cuz I couldn't afford to take both of them home.... she has a little black "mask" over her eyes .. so we named her after the masked avenger she is .. Zorra... and she's a riot.. she loves little furry plastic mice and will chase them for hours.. and it makes for some great entertainment.

And before you think I'm the crazy cat lady.. I have had my share of other pets over the years... my sweet collie Maggie and toy poodle Lucky.. my sheep Daisy and Venus... our horses and chickens.. I even had a duck named piddle.

I'd have a dog now if my schedule would allow... I just don't think it's fair to get a dog when you don't have the time/energy to train it as well as take it out for walks and trips to the park.

We DO have a ferret, a frog and a fish in our household.... the ferret being the most recent addition to our family.. she's named flower (after the skunk in Bambi) and she's a crazy, insane little bugger who likes to steal my shoes. We try to keep her entertained so she doesn't get into too much trouble... and when she's feeling frisky she keeps our cats in shape by chasing them up and down the hallway.

Suffice to say, our home is full of pets and people.. and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. My first family pet was a blue-point siamese and I have been smitten ever since :). I need to write about my pets too. This is a perfect theme for me :). I am a crazy cat lady (I did have 6 siamese, as you know)and embrace it, but we do have other animals all the time. We joke about having a menagerie once we have our own house - and I truly expect that to happen.
    I'm sorry to hear about Trouble, but she was definitely loved and had a great life :).

  2. Oh I had pet ferrets, love them, such clever little animals! We're not allowed them any more in NZ, they are banned now.

    Visiting from comment love day