Sunday, November 6

fall back........ just not on your ass

it hurts, mmm'kay

125 by jselizabeth
125, a photo by jselizabeth on Flickr.

so this weekend I've been totally incapacitated by a migraine .. so I didn't do any homework, housework... or anything at all really... I actually napped most of yesterday in between bouts of sobbing in utter agony.
It's so hard to even rest when your brain is pounding in your ears... even as I type this I can feel it wanting to return... just tapping on the back of my forehead like,

"hey dude, I'm here to render you unable to do anything but lay down on the couch and be pathetic for the next 12 hours"

but anyhow.. this is supposed to be a Silent Sunday post... so here it is... in all it's fally goodness.


  1. I hope you feel better-- maybe the extra hour of sleep will help.

  2. today I still have a dull ache ...but then my body decided to add allergies.


  3. beautiful red leaf tips. makes me want to dye bits of my hair that shade of red.
    i hope your headache has gotten better. migraines suck massively.