Tuesday, November 8

cuz my brain isn't fully functional right now

I totally fucking forgot to write about myself yesterday when I was given a blog award... (read about it here).

SO ... I'm supposed to talk about myself.

well... shit.

OK then... if I have to do this, you're coming along with me...

no... don't try to run away now.. I've got you in my clutches.

mwah ha ha ha ha

ok so pay attention.. you'll be tested on it later (sidenote: my dad used to say that ALL the time when I was a kid and I just remembered.. what a pleasant memory.. I remember him always saying that about random things, but there was never any test.. I love my dad)

Welllllllllllll.... I'm a chemistry student at the University of British Columbia but this is actually the first time I'm studying post secondary education in my home country.. .I've done all my other post secondary education in the US.

I am TERRIFIED of bugs... like.. all kinds of bugs.. I may have even tried jumping out of a moving vehicle one time when a bug landed on my leg. Oh.. and if you're like me and you hate bugs too.. don't go to the Northwest Territories (those places way up north in Canada).. they have a 100x1 bug to people ratio. They actually made up a visible haze in the air there was so many of them.

I'm a horror fanatic.. I've seen almost every horror movie ever made and I've read pretty much every Stephen King book... what can I say... I like my life a little on the dark side.

I've moved 8 times in the past 10 years and during that time I've lived in 2 different states (WA and MA) and 2 different provinces (BC and QC).

I'm completely and utterly allergic to cats and dogs yet I've had cats and dogs my entire life... though I really need to get allergy tested because I get headaches like 2-3 times a week and I've heard it could be due to un-diagnosed allergies.

well.. there you have it people.. a little bit more about me. If you cared to know, that is. Which, of course you did cuz I'm awesome and who wouldn't want to know more about me?

Today I spent 8 hours at school working on coordination chemistry homework, analytical chem lab prep, coordination chem prep and then I got home and worked on analytical chem lab write-up....

my brain hurts.

2 midterms next week!



  1. Why so much moving? The education piece?

  2. Good luck on your midterms! That's one thing about school I DON'T miss.

  3. Have you seen the Stripper Zombie movie? Not actually sure what the real name of the film is, but I was going to blog about it but I can't get it here.

    And good luck on your midterms!

  4. @Jim.. part has been for education, part of relationships, and part for family...

    @Angela.. thanks!!

    @Wag.. I have, actually!

  5. I'm allergic to cats and dogs too, but I take allergy meds and have an inhaler now, so I usually can handle living with my pets these days. When I got my allergy tests done it turned out I was allergic to 25 of the 32 different things they tested me for - go figure. I live knowing I probably shouldn't be around a lot of the things I am in contact with everyday. Luckily no known food allergies though, thank goodness.

  6. After a little lurking, I think you're highfalutin' blog award is well deserved. Congrats.

  7. Please recommend me a horror movie or two- I am yet to find a movie that actually scares me. Yes this includes paranormal activity. :)

  8. Wish I could..m I haven't been scared by a horror movie since I was 11, and that's only due to my age. This includes, "The Ring", "The Grudge" and all "Paranormal Activity" movies...

    When I watch horror movies, I usually find myself laughing. I enjoy them for the great gore, the twists and turns in discovering the killer.. But not usually for how much they scared me.

    You might wanna try Insidious.. I didn't find it scary but it's got some good moments and I like the story. Other recommendations are psychological thrillers or classic horrors like Hitchcock where it was all about the suspense and the storyline.

  9. Hello, Jaime! Came to you via Wag the Dad's glowing recommendation. ;)

    Wow. We may or may not be the same person! Lol. We have a lot in common with the hating bugs and loving horror flicks and allergies.

    I'm sorry you're dealing with allergies to your pets. That really sucks. Because it's like being allergic to your family! :(

    Perhaps your headaches are also due to stress...? You seem to have a lot on your plate this semester. All that chemistry! Omg.

    Good luck with your midterms. :)

  10. I had to come over here because anyone who likes Despicable Me is awesome!

    I'm allergic too, but mostly to good food. Which sucks. At least I can stick my face in the cat's fur and feel better....

    I love chemistry but am horrible at it. Really, really bad. I'll just live vicariously through you, mmmkay?

    Will not go to Northwest Territories. *makes note*

    Prepare to be stalked in 3....2....1....

  11. welcome newcomers... so glad to have you here!