Monday, November 7

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. and then some shit happened

so ... I'm SUPER excited to announce two things.... the first being my blog has over 2000 total views!!! This is pretty exciting for me considering I'm not sure why you people even read my horrible grammar and random thoughts... but for all that do.. thank you so much! You all make me feel like I'm not alone... and not just in the squishy heart three times its size kind of way... also in the "I love bacon so much I could eat it every day" kind of way... which is equally important, IMO.

Second... the awesome spork queen of tazerwarriorprincess nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award... now I've never won a blog award... so this kind of makes me want to scream.. out loud... but I can't cuz the kidlet is sleeping... so I'll meep.


ok... moving on.

Thanks SO much tazer... not only are you as funny as a video of a guy getting hit in the balls (come on.. even guys laugh at this shit)... but you also share my love for animals, goofy photography, and stabby behavior. I really can't say enough awesome shit about twp, so you all should just go over to her blog.. and check her out for yourself. Also stalk her on twitter... I promise she won't stab you. Ok, I can't guarantee it, but I'm thinking as long as you're not a total douchewat, you should be ok.

So here's the award..


Can't you just see it beaming in all its bloggy award goodness?!

OK.. so now I have to tag (I think) 5 others... I'm not quite sure of the rules here.... but whatever.. rules are for suckas, yo!
(except murder.... murder is bad mmmmmmmm'kay?)

First is Diann over at Thoughts of my Inner Diva Dragon... she's been my girlie IRL for years now and she's a super sweet and awesome chick with lots to say (most of the time). She's tattooed, pierced and knows how to have a good time... can you think of anything better than that?

Stephanie over at Crazy.Beautiful.Life... she's my twitter soulmate.. I swear to god I don't know what I'd do without her on twitter to gab to... PLUS she writes an awesome fucking blog. Who do you know that writes about zombie babies? NO one.. cuz they aren't awesome like her.

Marianna over at Snappy Surprise.... not only does she write her own rockin blog that all kinds of entertaining... but she also is part of the cheesy bloggers crew... if it weren't for their weekly themes, I would have jack shit for inspiration... especially now that school has sucked up all my creative and any other brain juices.

Wag the Dad... swearing, sex, booze, child rearing.... this dude gives advice on it all... and 99% of the time I'd say he's right on the fucking mark. He knows the truth but tells it in a funny and totally inappropriately funny way that is so appropriate. I've found myself laughing out loud on the bus from his blog on more than one occasion.

Satan Goes to SingSing - another twitter bitch who also rocks a funny blog... not only does she post video's of herself doing goofy shit (which I definitely couldn't do) but she also goes by the name of Satan. She's a fellow redhead and therefore soulless ginger... and frankly.. us ginger bitches need to stick together.

well there ya go... thanks again tazerwp and thanks again to all my readers! I love you all SO much and just want to hug you and pet you and squeeze you and name you George.




    You rock dude.

  2. Congratulations on blog view and your award! You rock woman!

    Oh, and I do love me some tazer too.

  3. Yay! Thanks! You're so cute and I lovey award!

  4. SQUEEEEEE! That's AWESOME :) Congrattttsss <3

  5. alright. . . alright. . . I'll go to their blogs, but there better not be any swearing or anything!

  6. saweeeet!
    this is fucking awesome! so...
    how do i put it on my blog????

  7. Aww - thanks so much for including me in this :). I have 4 readers . . . count them, 1, 2, 3, and 4, and I don't even know how to see how many views I've had lol. I've been in the throws of the last 2 weekends of performances, so I haven't posted lately, but I should probably do it since I truly hope your readers will like my blog and stick around :).
    CONGRATS!! I will definitely check out the others on your list and feel special to be included with such fun people, including yourself :). Keep rockin' woman!

  8. @Satan .. just right click to save the image and I just uploaded it to my photobucket account and then linked the image from there.

    thanks again to tazerwp for the honor!

  9. Oh my GOD I really really suck. I really do. I should be de-blogged. I got this award from Social Assassin, Misty's Laws, and now from YOU and I suck because you are my oldest, cutest fan and I didn't even come over here owing to that need for sleep and time thing.

    Dammit. I will showcase you big time on my next post. Is it OK if it gets a little sticky?

  10. Hahahahaha.. It's prefectly ok.. You have kids, a wife, a job.. Plus you write awesome blogs with pictures and shit.

    I like things a little sticky... I mean, wait what?