Monday, July 23

so very much pain

how are you everyone? Did you have a good weekend? Was it fun? 


cuz mine wasn't.

I spent the better part of my weekend in horrid pain from a migraine... to the point that I actually went to the clinic on Saturday because it was SO bad. The doctor prescribed me Immitrex (or whatever that generic brand is)... I took one and started to feel better.... 2 hours later I took another one and felt ok.

Sunday I had planned to go see a matinee of Dark Knight Rises.... but at 11am (after we had bought tix online) ... I had a (worse than before) migraine again. After 24 hours I took another Immitrex ... but to no avail.... so I ended up in the hospital. Due to a family history of aneurysms and the fact that my headaches come on strong with no warning, the doc sent me for a CT and also wanted to do a lumbar puncture. The CT came back clear but he still wanted to do a lumbar puncture. 

Let's think about this.. big needle in my spine? Possibility of a headache occurring when I already HAD one? YUCK.. no fucking thank you.

Though if I get another headache like the on yesterday I'm supposed to go back and get the lumbar puncture... *sad face*

I would like to get some answers as to why I get so many headaches.... so many migraines... I'm really quite sick of it .. but to the point of wanting to stick a needle in my spine? 

no thanks.

I got home and slept ..on and off for the next 8 hours or so .. but woke up at 1:30am and couldn't sleep... so I got up and slept on and off on the couch ...finally went back to bed around 4am.... then woke up this morning at 8am. 

I'm just not feeling normal today... they gave me a concoction of drugs in the hospital yesterday to help my headache (which it did) ...but not without side effects.. they made me jittery and jumpy and I still feel like that... like I'm not quite right in my skin.

so I'm taking today off school.. which I can't really afford to do.. but I can't help it.

Hope you all had a better weekend..  ...not that it's hard.



  1. Owww.... I've never had a migraine, so I can only imagine the pain, but I hope you feel better soon!

    1. thanks... I'm feeling better now... earlier I was still feeling icky from the drugs they gave me .. but I've had something to eat, and taken an immitrex and now I'm feeling good.

  2. Oh no. I've had migraines since I was very young. A couple I had last year had me convinced my brain was exploding. Some hit me really fast, but most slowly get worse. Sometimes they're behind my eyes, and sometimes in the back of my neck. IN ALL CASES THEY SUCK DIRTY DONKEY BALLS.

    1. mine almost always come quickly out of nowhere and hit me intensely right away... 0-100 in zero seconds... it sucks. They're almost always on my forehead ....usually they feel like a hot poker going in my forehead and coming out the back of my head.

  3. I hope you feel better. I get migraines, too. They visit me for a few days, leave to make room for a tension headache, which just leads to another migraine. Last year, I battled this cycle for three months.

    1. that's my biggest issue as well... I get a migraine and then it leads to another headache which leads to another migraine... how did you get out of your cycle?