Wednesday, July 11

Knowing I'm no Oprah - GUEST POST!

we have the amazing and wonderful robot mommy here today doing an amazeballs guest post. She writes a hilarious blog about her life and her kids ... personally I don't know how she does it .. I can barely manage this blog and school

so without further ado... here she is!

Forever ago, I started writing about my kids. This little hobby of mine gave me the outlet to complain talk about their behavior, their little habits. Their joys and triumphs. My joys and triumphs. And I think...

What if.... Oprah had kids? How would Oprah handle her kids? Would she discuss them on her network or would she, like me, become a blogger?

Can you imagine?!?

Hi. I'm Oprah, queen of the talk shows...richest woman alive from 1995 to 2010. I've decided to center my attention to how adorable, awesome and brilliant my children are because, let's face it, they are mine!

I'm sure she'd go on and on on their academic aptitude and how they look like little Denzel Washingtons. She debunk the whole "mommy blogger" genre and make up her own name like:

Women Writers of Power


Bloggers United for Change ( soon to be its own book club)


The VaJayJay Club

Gail would do all her writing because well, c'mon. Her giveaways would be epic.

YOU get a new web design and YOU get a new web design. EVERYONE GETS A NEW WEB DESIGN!

She'll make The Bloggess and Oh, Noa look like talentless hacks. Most of us would give up the ghost. Why write? We couldn't compete with her prose and network connections. She'd have on average 1000 comments per post. Even the simple ones about the weather... BECAUSE SHE'S FUCKING OPRAH!!

Hope that bitch never blogs. Then I'll have to go back to watching my children.

lmfao... I'm with trm on this one.

Thanks again to robot mommy for stopping by and making us laugh.

cuz let's face it, we could all use a lot more of that.


  1. Thank you for having me, pretty lady. :)

  2. I snorted a little on this one..
    the giveaways would be beyond epic - my cousin won a 2013 Beetle at one of her last shows that she gave to the entire audience

    1. I always wanted to go to a taping of her shows just for the giveaways.

  3. Try more like a thousand comments per post during the first hour alone.

    1. yeah no kidding.... I'm lucky if I get 5 comments... lol

  4. Apparently they had to keep the giveaway shows super secret. Whatever, she could buy everyone in my neighborhood a car and probably write it off as a beautification project, and I don't even live in the ghetto!

    1. lmfao.... she has the money to buy the whole damn country something.