Tuesday, July 10

it burns, it burns!

and I just wrote a whole fucking post that my computer decided wasn't adequate and deleted on me.



I was talking about how I splashed nitric acid on my face today in lab... (it's ok ... I'm not disfigured or anything)

How I fucking HATE summer cuz it's hot and I don't manage well with heat.

Also that we're having a make-up quiz on Thursday cuz our midterm was sucky.

basically that was it ... but I wrote a lot more.

the only good thing going on for this week is that we're having the awesomely amazing robot mommy writing a guest post for my blog this week..

*cue happy dance*

if you haven't read anything by the robot mommy.. I suggest you head there right now and read everything ... she's that amazeballs.

So tune in this week for her phenomenal words of wisdom.

I'm going to go drown my sorrows in Netflix.



  1. Splashing nitric acid in your face is almost as bad as losing a fully-written blog post. Even though I can only sympathize with the latter, the first one sounds way worse.

  2. The PRESSURE!! AaaaaaAAAAAA!!!

    Just kidding.

  3. But if you stick a couple of ice cubes in your bra, Summer is not that bad. Not that I've done it or anything. Umm...I am going to leave now.