Monday, July 30

just keep studying, just keep studying...

just keep studying, studying, studying.... (sorry... channeling Dora from Finding Nemo)... obviously I'm starting to lose my mind (if you can't tell)

I blame the ochem.... seriously. I'm so fucking done. Two more weeks and I have:

-a midterm
-a prelab
-a 2pt lab
-a lab report
-an assignment
-a final

all in TWO WEEKS!


I`ve done up summary sheets for the 3 chapters that we`ve studied the past 2 weeks.... (correction: I have 3 more rxns to be done) .... but it`s up to 6 pages DOUBLE SIDED.... all of which I have to KNOW by Thursday.

yeah.. so not gonna happen.

fuck balls.

I`m hitting a real low... because I know my grade isn`t going to be as good for this term as it was for last term (A- in case you forgot)... but so far I`m at a 70% in the lab (30% of grade), 80% on the first midterm and 50% on the second midterm (both are worth 10% each of the total grade).... I have one more midterm worth 10%, an assignment worth 5% and a final worth 30%...

is that too much math?

wish I had this shirt while in math classes

sidenote: I'm SO fucking glad I'm done with math for good.

It's been SO hard to study because even though I got rid of the migraine that irked me last weekend... since then I've had a headache every day.... and I've had to work on getting rid of them before I was able to do anything.. so therefore I didn't end up studying nearly as much as I wanted to last week.

*sad face*

I basically shot myself in the foot... with headaches.


apparently some people can't cross their fingers.. isn't that weird?

(I'm gonna need it)


  1. Replies
    1. me too... that's why I'm SO glad I'm done.

  2. Weird! I can't believe some people can't cross their fingers. I had NO idea. And I thought I was S.O.L. because I can't wiggle my ears like my sister. Anyway, GOOD LUCK. Sounds like you've got it handled. *crossing fingers* for you. ;-)

    1. I'm not sure if that's true or not... but maybe... it probably is. I can wiggle my nose like whatshername from Bewitched.

      Thanks for the luck!

  3. You can do it! And then we'll have a giant party when you're done. Love that shirt!