Monday, June 11

I'm not crazy... I'm born this way.

Some people might say I’m crazy.... well... crazy is as crazy does.. or something like that. I’m starting to discover.. (or possibly I’ve known this all along).. that I’m NOT crazy... I’m normal.. it’s everyone else who is batshit insane. How do I know this?


first off.. there are more of “us” than there are of “them” ..(and if you need proof I made a very scientific chart to show you)

if you weren’t acting a bit odd after some life-altering moments... well then.. there might be something wrong with you.

If you don’t find humor in the crazy occasionally ... there might be something wrong with you. - Here's to drinking beyond the point of being able to feel feelings.

Those are just a few of the reasons.. I quite often share with others that I’m crazy... but it’s ok cuz it’s normal to be crazy.

I have noticed, however, that there are far more women toting the “crazy” than men.... and I’m not sure what that’s about .. either women are driven to levels of insanity due to the crazy things that men do to us... which is a completely logical conclusion..


Men are just way too insecure to share their crazy with others... possibly due to some archaic “men strong” barbarian theory where a man can’t show weakness at all lest he be labeled as a gatherer and not a hunter and forever be denied a mate. - somehow two men wrestling in tight shorts is more masculine than one man sharing his feelings. huh, interesting.

Either way... I have met a couple guys recently who have shared their crazy with me.. and I’m proud of them. I’m happy that they are comfortable in themselves to share with the world their insecurities as well as their strengths. Bring it on, boys!

I’m writing this blog post instead of working on studying for my last midterm of the first half of the summer ... I have my final next Friday and then the following Monday I start the next course in the two part series for summer... it’s crazy. Thankfully I’m at an A- for the class and the lab so I’m doing well. It’s condensed so everything goes by very quickly.. I have a midterm every two weeks and lab twice a week. In a way it’s nice.. especially considering it’s the only class I have all summer so I can focus on this one class and that’s it. Sometimes though I get a little overwhelmed (“can you ever just be whelmed?”) .. (well word didn’t give me a squiggly line under whelmed so I’m assuming it’s something) .. sorry.. random sidebar. What was I saying? Oh yes.. overwhelmed. Like now.. when I have two full days to study for my midterm and about 15 reactions that I have to know...

I plan on using flash cards, LOADS of book exercise problems, and probably an excessive amount of caffeine. Speaking of caffeine, we’re actually going to be extracting caffeine from tea leaves in my last lab this week. I’m sure that’s probably somewhat exciting for all you coffee/tea drinkers out there... no? just me? *grumblegrumble*needmorechemistrynerdfriends*grumblegrumble*

Anyhow... that’s a little update on me... hope the summer is going well for the rest of you. Peace, love and lots of wine!


  1. I think you can just be whelmed in Europe...

    1. thank you for getting the reference... I was hoping at least ONE person would!

    2. is that a 10thingsihateaboutyou reference?

  2. I think that's it-- we're all a little crazy, but women aren't afraid to express it on a regular basis. Men just bottle that shit up and then go nuts :)

  3. I've often maintained the premise that I am perfectly sane, it is just everyone else who is bonkers. I think you are right that it is everyone else that is crazy. I mean I'd get off on extracting caffeine from tea leaves. Who wouldn't. The crazy people wouldn't. That's who.

  4. Flash cards? hahah. . . you're elderly.

    1. I never did end up using my flash cards.