Saturday, October 1

for the love of a different view... my passion

so Alexandra from The Tsaritsa is doing a contest regarding your passion... and I have been somewhat struggling lately on what to write about since most of my brain juices are being used to focus on school.... which is really right where it should be right now .. sorry blogworld.

I have a few passions... friends, school, music, animals.... but the one that is my own that I really consider to be the passion of my life, is photography. I have loved photography ever since I picked up my mums camera when I was a teenager. My mum was always taking pictures when we were kids... I have my entire childhood and every moment captured on film... and that's part of what I love about photography... it can be an artistic way to express yourself and your views on the world.. or it can be a way to document the memories and moments of your life.

I remember taking a photography class in high school... I was really excited at the idea of developing my own photo's and bringing my unique view of the world to life... but what I quickly discovered is that I don't like to follow someone else's visions. I felt constrained by the "assignments" that we were given and also ended up getting frustrated by the feedback from the professor. I felt like photography should be like art where no matter your take on something it should be respected and appreciated because it's your own personal take and there is no wrong. According to my professor, though... I was wrong... and so I stopped going .. and ended up failing the class. It worked out though cuz I had to take an art class to make up my art credit for high school and I really enjoyed the class despite the creepiness of the teacher and her desire to give us neck rubs in class. Looking at the world today, it's funny how things like that happened without consequence... she was completely harmless but nowadays you just can't do those kinds of things without the "HARASSMENT" banner following you around like a death sentence for your career.... but that's an another blog post entirely.. ;)

After high school, I had somewhat given up on my photography because I felt very disheartened by the way my "vision" was treated in that class in high school... but I ended up getting a job at a photography store. This definitely renewed my love of the art of photography... I loved developing customers photo's and seeing everyone's interesting take on the world. I liked helping people take better pictures by giving them some basic photography advice as well as selling people camera's that would help them on their artistic journey or just something to capture the moments in their lives. I started taking pictures again .. and the fact that I worked at the store and got a discount definitely helped. Even with that though.. I definitely took a LOT of pictures.. I even took pictures for other people.. in my own little semi-professional world... which was really nice. Other people were appreciating what I did and my vision as a photographer .. which was an amazing feeling.

Until it became demanding.... people wanted "this" pose and "that" look.... and that I didn't like. I didn't like the way it took over my own feel for things. I had started thinking about photography as a career but then I discovered in this process that my photography is just about me. It's my own way of showing myself and my view of the world. From then on .. I only take pictures of what I want.. when I want... and how I want. It's my only artistic outlet as I can't really write (as proof from the horrible grammar and style of my blog) and I can't really draw (unless stick figures count).... but I can take pictures. I even bought a digital SLR a few months ago and I have LOVED the freedom that it has given me to continue to pursue my passion for photography. I think since 2006 I've taken over 10,000 pictures as posted them on flickr.... and I don't care if no one likes them.. or if all they ever do is sit on flickr... they are for me. They are my view... my loves.. my life.. my passion.

Thanks to Alexandra for her blog contest... thanks for allowing me to share this.... and thanks to Charles for directing me to Alexandra's blog and her passion contest!

oh.. and feel free to check out my photo's on flickr... who knows.. you might feel inspired to find your passion.

Picture 141
Picture 031


  1. Gorgeous! I'm not sure I can identify a "passion." I think it changes with time. The bike on is my fav.

  2. Beautiful photos, I really love the one with the bicycle! I'm glad you never gave up your passion for photography, and thank you so much for joining my contest!

  3. Great photos, really. I always wanted to be a good photographer (note 'good' not 'great'), but the only person in my immediate family who seems to have any talent is my daughter. Which is fine. She can take all the pictures.

    Anyway. Passions? I guess booze and cigarettes are more like addictions, or lifestyle choices...

    My passion would be writing, and wanting to do that all the time. Also I have a passion for hatred of lots of things, like the bastards who make me do other things for money.

    Oh, and sex. Sex is a passion, right? Or is it a drive?