Monday, October 17

dirty, smelly, nasty, yucky......... chores.

this week in Cheesy Bloggers.. it's all about cleaning up your act.
below is how I feel about chores.......

Every week it’s the same thing….

You can’t deny it.

You can’t avoid it…

It always seems to sneak up on you … and before you know it … you’re standing face to face with…………..



Dirty bathrooms are the bain of my existence…. Mostly because no matter what you do … they are ALWAYS dirty… even right after you clean them, they are dirty again the first time someone uses the toilet, sink, and tub… whatever. If you have kids in your house… especially boy kids ..or live with boys (or a man, which.. let’s be honest.. are really like boys in respect to the bathroom)… then you probably have pee on your toilet somewhere other than on the INSIDE of the toilet. This is one of the grossest things I’ve ever experienced… it’s just so wrong. As a girl growing up in a household mostly comprised of girls the toilet was always clean… cuz girls are rad like that. Even if we by accident get something on the outer rim of the toilet… we’re responsible and clean it up right away with a piece of toilet paper. I think this is because we appreciate what it takes to have a clean bathroom and want it to last as long as humanly possible.

Enter: dirty boys.


Boys… I don’t think they care. They are dirty and smelly and make dirty and smelly messes in the bathroom. Therefore I have deemed that the ONLY way to successfully clean a bathroom is with bleach. It’s probably bad for the environment and I might get cancer later in life for using it .. but it’s either cancer later or germs now. Since cancer is only a possibility and germs are a definite…. I’m going with bleach! Now bleach and me don’t get along well…. Every time I clean the bathroom I end up spending the latter part of the day having trouble breathing and putting calming moisturizer on my skin because I inevitably forget to put on gloves and end up having a skin irritation from the bleach cleaner.

Enter… the wonderful boyfriend.


(bf who looks deceptively feminine in his purple and pink leo)

When my bf and I moved in together six months ago or so … we started a cleaning routine and he started cleaning the bathroom…. Because he hated seeing me in so much pain after using the bleach… I’m thinking’s his manly duty considering it’s only him and his son that make the messes in the bathroom cuz I’m a girl and I’m clean.

SO … bathroom chore, not so much a chore anymore… *happy face*

Don’t even get me started on laundry.


Really the only chores I hate are the ones that are never ending… ones that no matter how often you do them, they need to be done as soon as you finish them..

Which.. come to think of it.. is all chores.

So I guess I hate all chores.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Makes sense.


  1. Laundry and dishes kick my butt every time. I'd clean the bathroom any day over doing dishes.

  2. Very funny! Bathrooms are the bane of my existance as well, considering I live with two boys and an old cat whose suddenly decided to start going potty in the bathroom (only he doesn't use the toilet). And I'm right there with you about the bleach - It's the only way! Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. Zack and I split the dishes, he vacuums and steam cleans, and straightens up, and I do laundry and clean the bathrooms.

    It's a pretty even split, and our place is almost always clean :)