Wednesday, June 5

pounding, pounding....

my head has been pounding for days now .... not a migraine, but a headache. Not to diminish it, cuz this headache is still really painful and annoying. I just want to lay in bed and do nothing. Instead I have to go to work. I do like my job... but I really dislike doing it when I have a headache.

this love/hate relationship leads me back to humpday.... so I'm going to share some more songs I love to hate.

reason I love this song - it's an awesome song
reason I hate this song - every time I hear it, I can't help but picture Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone in the video.

reason I love this song - it's got a great beat and I love the bass line
reason I hate this song - the one lyric in the song, "maybe I should just kill myself"

reason I love this song - who doesn't love this song?
reason I hate this song - every time you hear this song played in a bar people sing the Britney Spears version.

reason I love this song - because it's Bif Naked and she rocks my shit.
reason I hate this song - I can't scream like her and it makes me jealous

reason I love this song - it's Weezer and it's amazeballs.
reason I hate this song - my ex used to sing it at karaoke and it reminds me of him.

this concludes another edition of love/hate songs... hope you all enjoyed!


  1. hahahah i lovvve sail. there is nothing wrong with it.

  2. lol... I think it's just cuz my mum committed suicide.... so the whole phrase, "maybe I should kill myself" ... just hurts a little.

  3. I think that suicide in this world needs way more education. It's normal for people to think that, to want their world to end. It's not normal for them to actually start to make plans on how to do it and really want to do it over and over. So I like a song that expresses that... because I think people thinking it's not normal and that their crazy makes them even more crazy.

    (Fun fact - I got committed for saying, "Who doesn't think about it once and a while when things get really bad?")

  4. I get that ... and I agree that there should be more education regarding suicide and mental health in general... still doesn't stop my heart from hurting about my mum every time I hear that lyric... and don't get me wrong.. I effing LOVE that song.

  5. thanks babe!