Thursday, June 6

I get by with a little help from my friends..

I had a dream last night with a bunch of friends in it. While it might not seem weird, the weird part is, most of these friends I haven't talked to in a long time. Like years. Except one, a friend I haven't talked to in only a few weeks. I'll set the scene:

I was in a mall (always in the middle of a dream, just like Inception said)... and I see a group of women. It looks like a support group of some kind. They are talking about gender stereotypes or something... how hard it is to be a lesbian in today's world. (fucked if I know why they are in the middle of a mall)

I see a girl who I used to know as Rainbow Skittle (or something to that affect) and another who was from Belize.. both of which I haven't talked to in years.

Then I see my friend who I talked to recently (let's call her D)... and so I wave at her... then she breaks down crying and walks off with the other two girls. (It was really fucking bizarre, I don't even think those girls knew each other IRL)

So I feel super bad, and I leave... but suddenly I'm outside at a park/university campus/apartment complex. I start walking around and I see a guy friend who I haven't talked to in over a year Alex... and I wave. Then I look over and see a black bear momma and her cub. Both Alex and I start running... we get to this stack of bails of hay and start climbing. Alex gets up, but then I get stuck and I fear the bear is about to attack me.

and I wake up.

I wake up utterly and completely terrified. Even though I know it's a dream and the bear isn't going to kill me... I can't get to sleep for another hour afterwards.

When I finally DO get to sleep .. I dream about my ex's family inviting me and the bf to their house for dinner... which is completely odd because:

1. they live on the other side of the country
2. they probably have about as much desire to see me as I do to see them (none)

but there are other people there who shouldn't be... friends I know from here who were there for some reason. I'm trying to track them down in a grocery store during Halloween and everyone is dressed up. Strange part is ..everyone is dressed the same.


I once heard that we fill our dreams with people we know. This means that if there is a stranger in your dream, it's not really a stranger... just someone you may have met or seen at some point in your life. I believe this... my dreams always seem to involve people I know.. but in odd or strange situations that they would never be in under normal circumstances.

Basically this means that in some time in the future you might be starring in my dream... but you might not like what you are doing... and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.


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