Wednesday, June 19

being an adult sucks

so I'm getting shit done today... you know.. adult type stuff.

I got my registration date for my fall semester, so I diligently checked whether there are any issues with my registration and of course one of my classes says I don't have the pre-reqs because of the way they put my credits in the system. As well, the lab course only has 5 spots available and so of course it's already full.
The adult thing I've done: email the department well before I have to register so that the issues can be resolved.

I started my student loan application, but this year the bf and I are technically considered to be common-law married ... so I have to get a new form that he has to fill out and submit before I submit my application. They want to make sure that he isn't making enough money to support both our living AND paying for me to go to school.
The adult thing I've done: print out the form and get it filled out and mailed by the end of the week so I can submit my application.

Making spaghetti sauce today from scratch.. and by scratch I mean I bought cans of tomato sauce and am just adding my own spices and flavors. Plus later I'm going to cook some rotini and bake the pasta in a container with cheese on top... because I'm a stress eater and it's comfort food. NO JUDGING!
The adult thing I've done: fed my family so they don't starve.

To MAKE the sauce I realized I'd have to do some dishes.. so I had a sink full of dishes soaking right now because I hate having to scrub for a half an hour when I can just let it SIT for a half an hour and then scrub for about five minutes.
The adult thing I've done: clean my shit up.

PLUS .. I was looking again at my courses over the next two years and it's possible I DON'T have to do another term in school... which is awesome. I'd much rather not be in school longer than I have to. BIG weight off my shoulders.

ok.. now I have to eat some food because I've been up since 10:30am and haven't eaten yet. Hope you all are having a good Wednesday!


  1. it's going to be epic

  2. This blog is a lie, being an adult is awesome.

  3. ok... being able to eat chocolate for breakfast and wine every night is pretty awesome.