Monday, May 28

sun is my enemy

This weekend we decided to have a family day so we decided to spend the day at the zoo. My brilliant self remembered everything, except of course, the sun screen. After more than four hours at the zoo enjoying the train, the lion feeding and the raptor show, I was sufficiently pink.
Of course.. being the calm and non-dramatic person that I am.. I of course, did NOT complain the rest of the day about my horrible burn.
Of course.

*wink wink*
So then Sunday I spent the entire day in bed watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl on Netflix. I’ve never watched Gossip Girl before, but after watching half of the first season, I’m adequately addicted. It has a good soundtrack and lots of drama. Plus, 4 of the seasons are on Netflix so I can watch most of it during the off season….

Speaking of off season… one of my favourite shows starts its fourth season in a few days… Drop Dead Diva.. I don’t know if any of you have ever watched it but I loooooove it. The girl who plays the main character is hilarious and adorable.

I’m a couple days away from my second midterm in my condensed chemistry class … it’s a crazy schedule. Tomorrow I have to finish the three part lab that I’ve been working on for the last two lab periods, and then study furiously for the midterm. In less than a month, this class will be done.

Can someone get me a drink?


  1. I've never watched Droop Dead Diva, but you make me want to start!

  2. Woo-hoo! More stuff to watch on Netflix!

    Good luck on your tests!