Wednesday, May 16

jumping on the LOVE bandwagon

no I’m not going all sister wives on you ... don’t get me kidding.. if I could get away with having a hubby that wasn’t constantly pestering me for sexy time cuz he was getting it on with his “other wife” and just indulge in sexy time when and if I felt like it... that might be ok.. maybe... now I’m all confused.. why aren’t we all in these kinds of relationships?

well... I’m not going to try and solve the relationship woes of the world... mostly because I’m too tired after studying for my midterm for 5 hours and then working another 2 hours on lab prep... that I’m amazed I’m able to pull together a sentence that is even remotely coherent.

I’m sidetracked again.. I think. What was my topic again?

OH yes. love.

SO .. it seems like the hate is all over the blogosphere lately... Oh, Noa., socialassassin, "Jen" e sais quoi, Becky.. they are all feeling the hate. Which makes me oh so very happy.. but rather than just attach my own hate to their amazing awesomeness... I’m going in the opposite direction.


I’m going to name some of the people of the world that I actually LOVE .. they are rare.. I admit.. (point of fact, I actually only had one in mind when I started writing, but I’m sure they’ll come to me as I go)

drivers who signal wave at crosswalks
as a broke college student, I’m cursed with the awful life of taking transit and walking ... and there is nothing more frustrating that knowing whether or not the self absorbed cuntcake in the amped up SUV is paying attention to the fact that there is someone at the crosswalk or what her BFF lol’ed at in her latest text.. so a little nod, wave, smile... SOMETHING.. goes a long way to let me know that I don’t have to stop and WAIT to make sure you are stopping.. cuz getting mangled wasn’t really in my plan for the day... thanks.

good customer service in retail
I don’t mean the irritating greeters or mofo’s that ask “welcome! do you need any help” when you immediately walk into a store... those people drive me fucking crazy. If I’m walking into a store it’s for one of two reasons... I’m just looking and I would actually like some time to browse before I am accosted by sales clerks OR I already know what I want and you’re a useless waste of retail garbage.
Sorry.. sorry.. hate tangent. (it’s just so easy)  ..OK .. so I love those store clerks that pay attention to the fact that I’ve perused the same section for a good 10 minutes now and am NOT finding what I’m looking for... I’m shy and have anxiety so approaching people has never generally been one of my strong suits... since I’ve met so many of you wonderful people on twitter and through blogging it seems like anxiety is a common thread among us... so having someone come up to me is SO much nicer than me having to seek someone out and feel like the idiot who can’t locate something that is so obviously right THERE.

polite and awesome transit folks
these are SO few and far between that when I do meet one they catch my attention immediately... these people include those who: wait in the proper line and don’t budge, don’t block the doorways on the train, give up their seats to those in need (elderly, disabled and pregnant women), walk in an orderly fashion, stick to the sides of the stairwell so those who want to run down the stairs have room to do so, have their shit out and ready so as not to hold up the bus line-up, don’t continue to talk to me once I put my headphones back in ..indicating that I don’t fact.. want to talk to you, don’t block the entire aisle with their big bulky shit, play their annoying music so loud I can hear it over my noise cancelling earbuds.... I think that’s it, but I retain the right to add to the list at any time.

people who move to the right lane when someone comes behind them who is clearly going faster
I can’t say this enough... I LOVE YOU PEOPLE.. this is how the world should work.

there you have it... people that don’t suck... and actually make the world a better place.

you know who else makes the world just that much more awesome?


yes you.. all you people out there that read my blog even though it’s just a mishmash of shit that usually doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.. I love you guys... thanks so much for being you!


  1. Hahah I like all those things, too. It's nice when people are considerate..

  2. As someone who walked EVERYWHERE for 8 full years (broke college student and young adult) I too grew to love the I-see-you-in-the-crosswalk-hand-wave-have-a-nice-day!

    I'm glad you wrote a post about your loves, rather than your hates :)

  3. All of the things you listed are thing is love too, but they are really supposed to be common courtesy. It's too bad these types of courtesy aren't more common!

  4. You know what I love? Seeing a little sunshine once in awhile! :)

  5. In my experience, retail people are completely useless. They hop all over you like a neglected puppy when you first walk into the store and don't need any help, and then when you actually do they're nowhere to be found...probably because they're peeing on something or eating their poop (you know, cuz they're puppies).

  6. Ohooooo I was just complaining to myself today about rude drivers and pedestria's. A nod/wave/smile goes a long long long way. It is basic manners & common courtesy
    . Things that your mother taught you (or does she not teach this anymore?). During my rant (to myself) I was trying to figure out a way I could start an international movement re-teaching basic manners. I didn't come up with much, so instead shook my head & gave my "you are a piece of pooh" face at the next driver that was rude.