Sunday, April 29

a moment of sanity

so I’ve finally had a break from my headache for the first time in almost a week... yesterday I couldn’t even function.. I took some migraine medication .. and it made me sleep for hours and I started to feel a little better, but then it creeped back in the evening so I took more medication.

I had the weirdest dream too... for some reason there were these drink mixes that tasted super good.. and I had a bunch of them.. but then I was hanging out with TheBloggess and her book.. (which is awesome btw) was being featured at Burger King (or some fast food joint) and it even included Bloggess toys .. such as Juanita, Hamlet Von Schnitzel, Beyonce, etc... I wish this existed cuz I totally want a stuffie Hamlet Von Schnitzel... someone has to make this happen.

Anyhow... weird dreams aside, I woke up totally and after some caramel macchiato goodness via my Tassimo ... I started feeling a little better. FINALLY.. so I thought I’d fulfill my tag from socialassasin and answer some questions.

Here we go!

1.     Book or movie and why?
I’m all about the book... there’s something about being able to visualize it yourself and creating the world for yourself that is more satisfying than someone else’s vision of the world. Sometimes yes, it’s good to see the world you created become real .. like recently I watched The Hunger Games and was surprised at how real and well done it was .. felt very much like the world that my mind had created. Overall though.. I prefer the book. My imagination kicks Hollywood’s ass.

2.     Real book or e-book?
I used to be all for real books.. and I still do appreciate the feel and smell of real books.. but for convenience sake.. I effing LOVE my Kindle.. I can buy books for free.. FREE people?! I think since I was given my kindle as a gift.. I’ve spent less than $30 on books.. and yet I’ve read over 100 books for free. I love being able to have that kind of access at my fingertips and not having the weight of a book in my backpack.. it’s heavy enough as it is with binders and shit.. the kindle is a godsent. I still like to buy used books and I don’t think I’ll ever stop building my collection (300+ and growing) .. cuz I do love real physical books. Right now I’m reading The Queens Fool.. and it’s kick ass.

3.     Funniest thing you’ve done in the last 5 years?
uhm... I’m not sure. Five years.. what is that ... 2007? Ok... so what have I done since 2007.. I’ve moved to Boston and back to Canada.. moved to Everett and then back to Canada. I think my sister and I stole a bunch of coasters from Starbucks .. technically they were free so we didn’t STEAL them per say.. but we did grab a handful of them and go running out the door of the starbucks laughing like fucking hyena’s ...I think you kind of had to be there. What else... uhm... my crazy chemistry friends and I sang songs on the 99 Bus on the way home one night after studying too much... and people were giving us the stink eye like we were crazy or something... but again.. I think you kind of had to be there... I’m just going to leave it at that.. cuz it’s really hard to make someone think you do funny stuff cuz most of the time you really have to be there.

4.     Do you put yourself into the books you read/write or the movies you watch?
yes and no .. sometimes when I’m reading a book with a strong female character I put myself in the character or sometimes I find myself identifying with the character somehow... like recently I read a book about a woman struggling with her sanity and I felt connected with her because I am struggling with my own sanity.

5.     How would your best friend describe you?
I’d like to think they would describe me as fun, funny, crazy, wild, smart, engaging, lovable... any one of those things would make me happy .. but you’d really have to ask them.

6.     Favorite kind of car and why? 
without a doubt.... ’69 Chevelle... oh what I wouldn’t give for that car.... I’m an old school muscle car kind of girl... I’d love to have a garage where we could work on cars.. blame the tomboy in me.

7.     Would your choice of party be a catered meal or barbecue out back?
I’d like to think I’m more of a barbeque out back kind of person.. then I think about all the clean-up involved.. the dishes, the prep.. that just doesn’t jive with the lazy bastard in me... so rather... if I could I’d have a catered event that had a out back bbq kind of feel to it... that’s more my style... fun and relaxed with no clean up.

8.     What’s your favorite season and why?
definitely winter.. I love the cold and snow.... or rather.. I really like spring too.. when it’s just the right temperature (before it gets all hot and yucky) .. and things just start to turn green and it seems the world is every shade of green every where you look. Then again.. I really like the fall too .. when it’s starting to cool down from the summer and the leaves start to change.. basically I like every season but summer... hot and muggy and sunburns... yuck.

9.     What specific lesson have you learned – Spiritual, educational, occupational?
I’ve learned all kinds of lessons over the years.... all three to be precise ... recently I’ve met a Muslim friend and learned all about the muslim culture.. which is really interesting.. though I definitely couldn’t adhere to it.. too strict for my tastes... plus I’m too much of a strong woman to be subservient. As far as educational.. well.. I’ve been in school for.. well... ever... and especially in the last year I’ve learned lots about chemistry.. which is educational... and occupational .. I’ve worked jobs in every field known to man (yay for temping)... and so I’ve learned lots of occupational lessons.

10.  Besides writing, what’s your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time?
definitely photography.. I love going out with my camera and taking pictures... I love the way photography gives everyone a chance to show the world in their own unique view.... I also love reading when I have spare time.. I usually have 2 or 3 books on the go at any given time.

11.  What’s one place you can be found at least one time every week?
uhm.... in my bed? ..there isn’t one place that I specifically go each week... during the semester I guess you could say school... but now that it’s summer.. I won’t be going to school every day so that blows that all to hell... lol

well that was interesting... or not... I guess you can decide for yourself. I’m starting to get tired again.. I blame all the effing meds I’ve taken over the last 24 hours.

so I guess I have to tag some people in this shit... uhm... fuck... my brain went all mush on me.

let's go for:



Snappy Surprise

and last but not least.. jaimalaya!

bring it on people! ...and blame @assassin_social if you don't want to do this.


  1. Some of these definitely sound like 5, 7, and 8. (It's already too hot for me and it's only April.) And a slightly sarcastic...but not too much so...thank you for the tag. ;)

  2. Aw yay! I am in this blog! Aw Jaime we do a ton of crazy things! I think we need to write a book about how many crazy things we have done, or more so we say a lot of crazy things. There is still some things in my mind from our convo at SFU, while studying for phys chem, that amaze me! And yes, I would describe you as all those things and more <3!

  3. Tagged! Blast!
    Thanks doll.
    I too love my e-reader. Sometimes I still buy real books (like th Bloggess'!)

  4. Thanks for the tag! My brain is mush right now, but I bet I can get these answered in the next couple of days! This is my first one so I'm excited! (Related - I'm also kind of dorky.)

  5. Someone DEFINITELY needs to make Bloggess toys happen! I'd go out of my way to get burgers if I knew there was a Bloggess toy in it for me. Oh! Oh! and they could call them "Furiously Happy" Meals!

  6. that is the best idea, EVER .. Furiously Happy Meals!