Sunday, April 8

insert maniacal laugh here

when all else fails.... make 'em laugh.

since I have absolutely no sense of humor lately.... the bf and I have both been sick for days..
... I have impending finals.
...our house looks like a homeless shelter.... due to the sick.

sooooo... I'm relying on the internet to make you laugh today.

Don't give me a hard time... I deserve a break every now and then.

I bring you.... Funny Internet Video's Vol. 2:

My first video is brought to you by ...well I don't know.. but it makes me laugh every time I watch it..

The second video is something that I could totally see our ferrets doing... which makes me nervous to ever have children... not that I wasn't already neurotic enough about the subject.

This video is from an amazing artist ... or something like that... either way it's hilarious.

The fourth video is for all the cat lovers and owners out there... if this doesn't make you laugh... well.. you just might not have a soul. Don't blame me... I didn't steal it.. despite what those ginger pictures have told you.

I think that's about it for today.... wish me luck on my finals!

1 comment:

  1. Haha the ferret one is so cute! It took me to soo many other ferret videos and I have convinced myself to get a ferret! And the kitty one was soo cute! The cats remind me of your cats in a way lol!=D