Friday, July 29

things I love Fridays

I figure since I love Fridays.. I would do a blog about the things I love on Fridays.

First on the list of things I love.. my boyfriend. Apart from being sexy and funny.. he's also super supportive. Even when I'm going on a tirade about something that totally doesn't make sense, he just smiles and nods and says "yes dear". Plus, added bonus.. he cooks AND cleans!

Second.. are people who leave their indicator light on even when they aren't changing lanes or turning. I know what you're thinking, how in the hell do you love that.. I find that annoying as fuck. While true, it is beyond annoying not knowing whether someone is actually going to cut me off at any given moment or continue driving straight.. it's also VERY helpful in establishing the morons of the road. YES.. rather than see it as a negative.. I'm going to applaud those permanent indicators. THANK YOU.. thank you for letting me know who to avoid on the road. (pssssssst.. I meant you)

Third.. I LOVE stat holidays. An extra day to sleep in.. AND you get paid for it. You can wear pajama's and eat ice cream ALL day and still feel like you accomplished something because you still got paid for working! Who doesn't love that? Probably people who don't get the day off.. but at least they are getting paid extra for it. So there.. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't love a stat holiday.

Fourth... CHOCOLATE! I was just at the Lindt store and bought 2 bags of lindt chocolate for HALF PRICE. Which means I can eat twice as much and not feel guilty.. it's basic math, people!

well that's all for today.. I'm sure there are lot of other things I love.. like sunshine, rainbows and kittens.. but I'll leave those for another day.

Have a happy long weekend BC people!


  1. I love Fridays too! esepcially when I took a vacation day to *extend* the long weekend. And then four more vacation days after that! I also love chocolate. HUGE addiction problem. I guess I love your boyfriend too. Why not, right? I hate those a-holes with their signals though. A-holes.

  2. I used to not get holidays off AND not get paid extra . . . it sucked. I ran from that job as soon as I could, but had to stay because I needed to pay my bills while looking for something better. I have the holiday list up at my desk and look forward to extended weekends every month.
    Friday is my favorite day of the week - always has been.