Thursday, July 28

80s workout montage or zombie fighting theme music... either way it's rad.

Since I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog or even if I'm going to continue posting.. this might be a moot point.. but alas, here it is.

I think we're going to have a musical day here in fuzzyland ... there are so many fabulous songs which I love that I want to share with the world. (I just realized that I typed "we're" like I have multiple personalities.. which in fact, might be somewhat rooted in truth)... but, I digress.

This is one of my favorite songs, and every time it graces my iPod.. I start dancing and imagining I'm in an 80s workout montage. I don't know why I think that's what it sounds like, but in my brain it does. It should be noted that I don't do any workout moves while dancing.. just moving around funny and usually while driving causing other drivers to suspect (I think) that I'm having some kind of seizure.. and my bf to hide his face and pretend he doesn't know me. I just can't help myself though.. I love car dancing.

so without further ado.. I give you some Queen.

Now this song was chalk full of awesome for the longest time .. but gained even more awesome credits when I realized that it played a part in one of my favorite movies. If you already know what movie this is than I think I love you and we shall be lifelong soul mates. If not, here's a clip for you.

(which can't be embedded due to some douche canoe youtube user request so here's the link)
watch the vid on youtube

I love, love, LOVE how they have the music timed with the fight scene.. and I love, love, LOVE zombies... well, zombie movies. I don't think I could actually love zombie's even if it my hubby was a zombie, I still think I'd kill him. I'd be doing him a favor, really.. cuz who wants to eat brains and be dead? I'm sure brains and body parts don't taste very good.

So there you have it... the first edition of my music blog... hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Hahaha! I knew I liked this song for a reason lol :). I recently put the gold Greatest Hits album of Queen on my phone (which is my mp3 player) and realized how many songs I truly like of theirs. I car dance and sing my heart out a lot . . . but normally only when I'm alone :). Being a musical theater gal now I feel I can belt out to the radio to my heart's content, but I tend to spare my car companions (unless it's the hubby, of course).
    I can totally join you in the weekly music blog - I have a TON of songs I could post and ramble about. Fun times :).