Friday, July 22

I think at this point .. batshit crazy is the new black

I told my work yesterday that I'd be quitting my job to go back to school.  This should be easy by now as this is the 3rd time I've had to quit a job to pursue my dreams, but somehow it's not.  I feel guilty, sad, and all those other emotions that you typically feel when you go through a big change in life.  Part of me is really excited at the prospect of being a student again.  There are a lot of benefits to student life:

  • being able to wear jeans, yoga pants or whatever the hell else I want to work every day.. even my pj's if I wanted to...... although only weird people do that so I'll stick with jeans and yoga pants
  • having a lot more free time in the day.. homework does consume about 10-15 hours a day but somehow it's not the same as doing a straight 8 hour day and at least I CAN do my homework in my pj's
  • the BRAIN .. no, not in a zombie type of way... in the way that I miss the intellectual stimulation of being in a classroom setting every day
So you see, being a student is all kinds of good.  It's also all kinds of bad as well, for example:
  • not having any money for life's little extravagances such as good food, make-up and well.. pretty much any other things not used to sustain basic life... in a way this could be looked at as a benefit cuz with crappy food and little of it I might lose some of the fat that has been taking up residence on my ass and thighs since working at a desk job for the past 6 months.. then again.. my body is eating the good stuff too instead of food, and that's bad... so ok, I've settled that this is still a con
  • the looks that people give you when you tell them you are 30 and still a student... no, not a grad student.. no, not a phd student... an undergrad that has no degree whatsoever thus far to show for her 30 years of life
  • all the INSANE amounts of homework that goes along with a degree in the sciences... and yes I know I kind of listed this as a positive as well... but it's true.. homework is a double edged sword

so here we go life ............ I'm ready to get chewed up, spit out and hopefully I'll be able to bear through it.

there is another bonus, now that I think of it..... once my brain starts going insane after too many hours of doing homework whilst drinking copious amounts of coffee to stay away to do all the homework I need to do... I might just post some interesting shit... 

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