Friday, December 21

it's so right even when "Things Go Wrong For Me"

today I'm taking time out of my busy pj wearing, chocolate eating schedule to review an amazing new book "Things Go Wrong For Me" by the Midget Man of Steel.. It's a hilarious book about his childhood as a fat kid, being a parent and adventures in vasectomy land.. and if you can make vasectomies funny.. well then... you have an idea of just how gut busting this book is... which btw.. includes funny pictures!

Mr. Moooooog himself even stopped by an answered some questions about his new book..

Are you ever still amazed at how you made it past childhood without dying of a horrible self-induced accident?
YES. Forget about the self-inflicted stuff I wrote about. The fact that I was a child of the 70's when kids rode on their parents' LAP in the driver's seat without those pesky seatbelts while everyone smoked and survived is a testament that I was meant for something else. Probably manual labor.

What did your parents think about their part in some parts of the book?
My dad doesn't know I wrote a book. He's an asshole. My mom ordered 2. She hasn't read it yet. I'm SO GROUNDED.

How traumatizing was it to go back and relive your childhood memories?
Not at all. It's always fun to go back and realize how cartoonish your life actually was and that somehow you managed to survive no matter how hard God was trying to obviously kill you.

Are you going to let your kids read this book when they are older?
Yes. When they're my age. Mid-40's seems appropriate, or whenever I feel it's okay for my daughter to read about her daddy shaving his balls. So, you know, maybe never.

What is the weirdest word you ever got for DrawSomething?
Umm. That's a tough one. I try to avoid stuff like 'cat' or stupid things where all you can do is draw a cat. I loved 'Band Aid' because most people would draw, you know, an actual Band Aid but instead I drew dinosaurs.

What is the strangest or worst drawing you ever had to guess?
Has to be something my kids drew. My kids are awful at drawing. My son got 'Yoda' one time and pretty sure he sent me a Sleestak from "Land of the Lost" instead. OH, and 'moose.' My daughter's version of moose looks like something mutated. It's amazingly terrible. I have them all on my Facebook page in an album..I suggest going through them. Lots of 'wtf' moments.

Did you go on lots of dates with women you met on match before you met your girlfriend?
Um, no. I'm pretty picky. I mean, I met a couple of women but wasn't really really looking for a relationship. Mind you, I'd known and been married to my ex-wife for over 20 years so I was pretty much just trying to make up for that amount of the sex I missed during that period.

Did you make awkward eye contact with anyone while in the adult store?
ALL eye contact in adult stores is awkward. Especially when you catch yourself trying out the bondage stuff in a mirror. *shudders*

Would you ever trust anyone enough to shave your balls for you? (ala – She’s Out Of My League)
GAH. No. Never. I barely trust myself doing it.

Do you ever eat a 3 Musketeers and have V-Day flashbacks?
hahahahaha. You know, I had to put off 3 Musketeers for a while because whenever I'd buy one in the store I'd just impulsively masturbate. Calendars like that will do that to a man. That, plus Cosmo is usually at the counter in the magazine rack. Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

So there you have it folks... how can you NOT want to get this book?! So I'll help you out by posting the links to his book:

Amazon: Things Go Wrong For Me

Barnes and Noble: Things Go Wrong For Me

It's a great book by a great blogger and all around funny guy.. thanks again Moooooog for stopping by!

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