Monday, December 3

I'm an asshole... and other such non news

so I'm an asshole.

why you ask?

because I haven't fucking blogged in ... well.. i can't even fucking remember how long. It's really not my fault though. I'm working 6 days a week... and M-F I usually work 10+ hour days. When Sunday rolls around I don't even wanna turn on my fucking computer... let alone sit for 10 minutes and write some shit down. Hopefully though.. in a week or so I'll be done work and I'll be off til January and then back in school where I'll have about the same amount of free time.

BUT... I can procrastinate homework by blogging... plus as @OhNoaG and @JenReinmuth knows... Undergrads make for fucking blog fodder gold. (fuck those wanks)

Anyhow.. .that's really all that's been up with me. It's my birthday in a week (literally) and I can't believe how much has happened in a year. Though it feels like I'm not really in a better place than I was last year... that could be because I stopped taking my meds... because I'm poor and can't afford them. Could be because of all the shit life continues to send my way. Could be because it's that time of year ...and it always makes me sad. Over 2 years since my mum passed away and the feelings are still just as raw as they were 2 years ago. I really need to sit down with someone and talk about all these feelings.. but again... I don't have the money.

Though this year.. I am kind of digging the Christmas shit.... cuz I really used to LOVE Christmas before she passed.. I would decorate... sing Christmas songs... get all fucking joyous and annoying. The last couple years I've just been in avoidance mode... but I feel like this year.. maybe... I want to embrace it again. Or at least.. I'm gonna try. Hard as it may be.

Bring on the Christmas carols... baking, movies and fucking mistletoe bitches..... Merry X Miss is back!

(that's an old nickname I used to use back in the days o' Myspace)


  1. Love Merry X Miss!! I know how hard its been for you BUT I also think its important to celebrate and enjoy things in life you have always enjoyed and still have in your life to enjoy.... Miss u... Always here if needed.... Xoxox PS-dont make me kidnap you for bday loving!!!

  2. Happy early birthday lady! Welcome back!

  3. You ARE NOT an asshole! A vagina, maybe. ;) Welcome back. I've miss you!

  4. Heeeey, Asshole!! <<- I say that with love ;)


    Yay! xx

  5. hahaha... thanks!

  6. thanks sweetie!