Monday, March 5

who am I again?

maybe it’s the fact that I have a midterm tomorrow which requires me to know an entire page full of formula’s, laws, derivations, and equations….

or maybe it’s because this week’s

(or last week's, or this week's? .. I'm so confused)

Spreadable Cheese from Cheesy Bloggers is about memory.

I don’t know why …or how ..or when it started, but my memory has more holes than swiss cheese. For reals… I can remember things that happened in elementary and high school but ask me what I did last Tuesday.. and I have to think about it for a minute.

I don’t think that’s normal.

Though it’s becoming ever more clear to me that “normal” isn’t even normal and no one is really, truly normal… and really… who WANTS to be normal… that’s boring.. and if I’m one thing… I’m anything BUT boring!

I could relate my memory problems to the multiple times I’ve had a concussion (self-inflicted of course.. from the person who trips on flat surfaces)

Or possibly the time that I drowned and was revived back to life when I was in elementary school..

Perhaps it’s the all the surgeries I’ve had….. (we’re up to 4 now)

What if it’s from the time that I fell on my back from the monkey bars and was paralyzed from the waist down for 24 hours?

hmmm…. maybe it’s a combination of one or all of those truly delightful things.

OR… I just have a sucky memory.

Either way it becomes very daunting when you have a midterm.. and aren’t allowed cheat sheets, and so are just expected to know all the formulas and shit that you could possibly use in the exam….. and I’m NOT joking you.. there is literally a page worth of these… I’d say that 75% of them have been drilled into my brain via the last three weeks of studying for this midterm…. but there are still the 25% that I’m not too confident with..

and then there’s the issue of WHICH formula or law to use WHEN?

do I use the third law of thermodynamics to relate entropy to heat? Or do I use that AND the molar heat capacities?

Anyhow…. I have a very magical and phenomenal solution to my horrid memory…. do you want to know what it is?
my PHONE…. yes that fabulous piece of plastic and …well… other shit that they put into phones these days… it has an alarm function where I put little reminders with alarms in my phone.

(for some reason, my laptop decided to indent the last part.. I’m just too fucking lazy to bother fixing it)

Need to make a follow-up doctor’s appointment in a month? .... Ding Ding! motherfucking health time!

Have to print out notes for the lecture the next day? .... BUZZ BUZZ! print out your shit!

Need to take your vitamins and pills every night? ...Ding Dong! Take with food you asshat!

I find that if I make them slightly insulting, I’m more inclined not to just dismiss them without reading and thereby rendering the whole process moot.

So there you have it, folks.... my surefire way to combat old age.

Or at least, make it not so obvious to the rest of the world that you had to remind yourself to put on pants in the morning.


You’re welcome, world.

OH... and wish me luck mofo’s.... physical chemistry midterm, here I come!!!!


  1. Good luck!! I managed to get a PhD in Chem without ever doing a physical chem paper. Icky Icky.
    You are a braver (wo)man than I, gunga din.

  2. I knew there was a reason I was terrified of the monkey bars! Good luck, ho!