Tuesday, March 6

Did You Know.... chemistry is fun!

did you know that chemistry is fun?

I see you guys shaking your heads... but it is really.. I promise!

Where else can you relate the geometry of molecules to porn stars boobs? ...CIS AND TRANS baby! (that probably won't make sense to 50% of you, but that's ok)

It's also what makes up our entire universe... the UNIVERSE people... without chemistry, we wouldn't exist. That's basically all kinds of awesomesauce right there.

You know what else you can do with chemistry... you can make bizarre analogies like USe your Vacuum while wAtching TV and Hang Your Shorts Please!
(or something like that, I’m not quite sure)

ALSO ... chemistry has BIG ligands.... like, real big. (it’s a good thing) ..oh, and “that’s what she said”

this random post is brought to you by “Did You Know” from Just Jennifer and MotherhoodTruth... you should definitely check them out... and link up.. cuz I’d like to know what you all know... and because Jen is super awesome and rad and is going through a difficult time in her life... so it would be amazing if we all linked up and put a big smile on her face.

I’ve had a little too much caffeine today... so this post is quite possibly MUCH funnier to me than it is to anyone else... but that’s ok.

I’m staying home from school tomorrow.... cuz, well... I can... so if I stay up all night... it’s ok.

xoxo all!

(oh, and take a read of my short story.. and tell me what you think.. I LOVE it and am super proud of it)

and I just realized I said "it's ok" like eight bazillion times, but I don't care... cuz that's how I roll.


  1. LMAO I found myself laughing because I am one of those 50% that is confused. I have to agree that the whole making the universe thing is pretty bad ass, but all those names, protons, electrons, morons...oh..wait...I spent a month doing chemistry in a basic science class and felt like my head was going to EXPLODE. I actually thought of you A LOT! It was a lot of "THIS is what she does, but like more extreme than this...she must be REALLY smart." Haha. Thank you for linking up with us! :D

  2. I work at a biotech, so this post is like being at work for me . . . except we do systems biology more than chemistry, but to me it all goes hand in hand. I just sit and look interested during most meetings, since I'm administrative staff and not one of the scientists. I've gathered what we basically do, but don't really understand . . . so I'm one of the percentage that just goes along with what's said and hopes it makes sense to those who need it lol :).

  3. I'm gonna pretend I'm one of the 50% it made sense too...even though nobody will believe that anyway.

  4. I'm pretty damn handy with a Bunsen burner.

  5. I'm not sure I share your love of chemistry. I even hate baking. But I'm lad you love it so much. That's how I felt about Sociology when I was in school.