Wednesday, September 19

shit is out of control

so I'm a bad person.... a really, really bad person. I haven't blogged in... I don't even know how long. It's NOT my fault though. I'm back at work and I'm fucking EXHAUSTED. Working is serious bizness people, for reals. As well, the job I'm working at requires a lot of overtime ... it's not paid extra overtime, just regular time, but extra $$ nonetheless. Today I worked from 7:30am to 9pm.... that`s a long ass fucking day people. .. and what am I doing you ask?
(or maybe you didn't but I'm going to fucking tell you anyway)
I'm working at a photography studio that does school photo's.... and I'm a jack of all trades there.. I do editing, computer work, photo proofs, packaging, shipping, organizing..... it's fun seeing all the adorable kids pictures... and sometimes laughing at the weird fucking names that parents give their kids... like seriously people... do you WANT your kid to be made fun of? Was that your GOAL when you named them or are you just an idiot.
(probably the latter)

so anyhow.. that's what's up with me... and I'm really sorry if I haven't commented on your blog in awhile.. .I'm also behind in my blog reading.... there's just SO many... you guys are all so god damn fucking funny that I follow like 58697509857 blogs and so when I don't read EVERY day I get WAY fucking behind and lose track of my shit and it's just wrong. I wish I could get your blogs on my kindle, then I would read them on my lunch break like I used to do when I worked in an office where I had 6 hours a day free because I'm just fucking bomb diggity at my job and would get all my work done in 2 hours.
(that was a REALLY long fucking run on sentence, sorry)

you know what else I'm back to doing now that I'm back to work? Driving. I.Love.Driving..... I missed driving SO much.... no offence (actually, yes, offence) to all you transit people but you fucking smell. Well, not all of you..
(yes all of you)

and you're also loud, rude, mean, ugly and just plain annoying and I DON'T FUCKING MISS YOU AT ALL!!!

*five minute happy dance interlude*

though I must say... instead of smelly bus people.... I have fucking assweasel drives to deal with... I don't know what kind of tomfuckery you guys think you're up to.. but I'd like to tell you the following things are NOT ok:

- tailgating me
- cutting me off
- staring at me at stop lights
- driving in my blind spot
- not using turn signals (otherwise known as indicator lights)
- driving like old fucking grannies
- driving like drag racers
- complete and utter LACK of ability to merge

that's just a snippet of the shit I've dealt with on the road and I've only been driving again for a week and a half....

*smacks forehead*

well then.... I think this concludes our programming for the night... otherwise known as ... I'm going on five hours of sleep and a 14 hour workday and my brain is starting to turn to mush.

NIGHT all!!

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