All about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hi there! Welcome to the all about meeeeeeeeee page!

I hope you're enjoying my blog... if not, well.. they make the big "X" in the right corner of your browser for a reason. But I'm just going to assume you all love me.. oh.. and this is me.


The best word in the English language that I can think of to describe myself.. is random.. because that's me.. I'm random. I'm also crazy.. funny.. hot.. friendly.. dorky.. shy.. capricious.. loud.. bitchy.. silly.. generous.. twisted.. goofy.. intelligent.. and fun. I love to smile. I'm the smartest retard around. I may not be blonde.. but sometimes I have blonde moments. I like to sing.. and dance.. but I don't like being the center of attention. I love to laugh.. but I don't like to cry (although laughing usually makes me cry). I love my cats.. but I hate ignorance. I'm a daily contradiction of myself.. and I live in my own world. I'm a student on vacation.. (currently persuing my BSc in chemistry)

feel free to email me ... if you like talking about bacon, boobs, brains... anything really.. I promise I don't just talk about words that start with the letter b.. that was just a coincidence.

check out my flickr... it's rad, dude.

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